Eagles' Star Offers Up Stream Of Consciousness On Slow Spring

Jalen Hurts is used to change but success after that is a process.
Eagles QB Jalen Hurts
Eagles QB Jalen Hurts / John McMullen/Eagles SI
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PHILADELPHIA - After a spring best described as ordinary by the Philadelphia Eagles’ high-powered offense, all eyes were on quarterback Jalen Hurts when he took the stage at the NovaCare Complex’s auditorium Thursday.

What followed stemmed from a query by Eagles SI about Hurts’ shift from “sponge” to taking a more vocal role in new coordinator Kellen Moore’s offense with the retort best described as a stream of consciousness.

“I think this whole entire offseason has been about learning, learning and taking in new knowledge, new perspective, and the minds that we have in the room” Hurts said. “I think throughout the whole entire thing, it’s kind of been the emphasis.”

The product is not supposed to be a finished one in early June. That said, in the Hurts era, this has easily been the most disjointed spring with the QB1 in charge.

“You get to a point where you kind of feel, ‘Hey, I’m going to feel comfortable with this. I’m going to like this.’ That time comes when you can rep it, rep it, rep it later on,” Hurts explained. “But right now, it’s been a lot of new inventory in, the majority of it, probably 95% of it being new.”

In other words, the Eagles have not mastered what Moore wants done but the growing pains may just be a necessary part of the shift.

“it’s just been that process,” Hurts said. “It’s been a fun process because you get to see what works for other people.”

The fifth-year quarterback pointed to his revolving door of offensive coordinators and play-callers he’s had and his history of persevering through it.

“The number of coaches that I’ve had since I’ve been here, I’ve been able to take in a lot of new knowledge and new understanding,” said Hurts. “So I think the goal coming in was to learn Kellen’s offense and master it, and I think that’s been a process. 

“And I think by the end of it, I want it to be mine and have it in my own way.”

You could sense a little bit of frustration from Hurts after the spring struggles but it was quickly replaced by the confidence of his previous demonstrated performance. 

“I think [the slow spring] is kind of a credit to the lack of continuity. … and it being a thing where I’ve kind of had to take all of these new things and new voices, and still go out there and be successful and efficient,” Hurts said. “I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen again.” 

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