EAGLES UNFILTERED: Jim Mora Jr Reveals Eagles Pick at 12 and More

In podcast hosting debut, SI.com's Eagle Maven Ed Kracz talks to former longtime NFL coach Jim Mora, Jr about the Eagles and the 2021 NFL Draft
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PHILADELPHIA - Jim Mora Jr. knows exactly who he would take if he was the one sitting in the Eagles’ war room on April 29 and they are on the clock with the 12th overall pick.

He’s not sure that player will be there, though, so he did a complete 180 and switched sides of the ball.

Check out the podcast to see who he said he would take.

Plenty of other draft topics as they pertain to the Eagles were also discussed along the way to putting Mora on the spot with his selection.

Mora, of course, has been in war rooms as an NFL coach for 25 years, including three years as the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

He understands what goes on behind the scenes, not just during the three-day draft, but in the days and weeks leading up to the first night.

He believes that GM Howie Roseman has already laid the foundation for some trades that could happen once the draft begins.

“He’s working the phones gauging interest at this point,” said Mora.

He didn’t discount the possibility of the Eagles moving up from No. 12, back into the top 10, but there would have to be somebody there specifically for him to do that.

He also thinks there’s a chance the Eagles could move back, and there is one defensive player he loves in particular.

With 11 picks, Mora believes Roseman will be very active in the draft.

Check out the podcast and listen to the details Mora gave on a variety of prospects in the draft and more, including who he thinks the selection will be.

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