EAGLES UNFILTERED: NFL Draft Bible's Zack Patraw Talks Draft, Eagles FA Signings

Who does Patraw like for the Eagles at pick 12 and beyond in the draft? And, living in Minnesota, what does he know about FA signings Anthony Harris and Eric Wilson?

PHILADELPHIA – Sleep has had to take a backseat for the past few months for Zack Patraw, president of the NFL Draft Bible.

He and a network of scouts and evaluators have been busying themselves with ranking hundreds of prospects that will be available in the fast-approaching 2021 NFL Draft.

Patraw took some time out of his busy schedule to talk about some pressing draft issues surrounding the Eagles as well as a couple of free agents the team signed this offseason.

The NFL Draft Bible has become so popular that the guide books they put out detailing their players rankings were sold out in a matter of days, though a PDF file can still be purchased.

Based in Minnesota, Patraw is very familiar with the Vikings, which means he is familiar with linebacker Eric Wilson and safety Anthony Harris, two players GM Howie Roseman signed this offseason to help bolster those positions.

You’ll find what he had to say about both Harris and Wilson in this latest version of the Eagles Unfiltered podcast.

Patraw and I also look back at the mock draft he did for SI.com’s Eagle Maven on Feb. 22, and there have been some changes.

His first-round pick remains the same, however. That is unchanged, even after months of having studied film on him and going through the evaluations of his colleagues.

Who does he like at No. 12?

Who else does he like in the first two days and will the Eagles find a quarterback on Day Two?

Patraw will be heading to Cleveland for a week to attend the draft, which is scheduled to begin April 29 and run through May 1.

Find out what else he had to say on the latest episode.

The link is right here:

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