EAGLES UNFILTERED: Training Camp Preview and Deshaun Watson

It is the eve of the first training camp for rookie head coach Nick Sirianni and there is plenty to discuss, as there is with the Texans' embattled QB

It is the eve of training camp, and all is not quiet for the Eagles.

There are so many storylines and things to watch – as there always seem to be – but this camp feels like there is more.

Maybe it’s because nobody knows what to expect of rookie head coach Nick Sirianni and his young staff.

Whatever it is, Conor Myles and Ed Kracz sat down to preview training on another episode of Eagles Unfiltered.

The signing of Steven Nelson is at the forefront of the discussion.

What impact will the veteran CB have on the secondary, not only in the short term but the long term as well?

What does it mean for Avonte Maddox?

The obvious assumption is he will now work full-time in the slot.

Not so fast, says Kracz.

Keep an eye on Josiah Scott.

One of Kracz’s hot takes has to do with the combatants for the slot job, and it doesn’t involve Maddox, at least initially.

What is Myles’ hot take?

Keep an eye on Michael Walker.

The co-hosts go beyond camp chatter and examine the Deshaun Watson situation.

Hear what Myles and Kracz think the Eagles should do at the QB position.

And speaking of the QB position, Jalen Hurts’ progress is probably at the top of a crowded list of things to watch in camp.

Listen to the entire episode by hitting the link:

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