Howie Roseman in a Bind, Continuing to Seek Best Offer for Carson Wentz

The Eagles GM won't get two first-round picks for his struggling QB, but at what point will he have to take the best offer and what will that offer look like?
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So much for Carson Wentz being traded in the “coming days” as was reported last weekend. Maybe the report should have been the “coming weeks.”

There hasn’t been much movement on trade talks between the Eagles and whoever may want their struggling quarterback, but that should have been the expectation all along, considering that general manager Howie Roseman was asking for a similar return for Wentz that the Lions got from the Rams for Jared Goff, primarily two first-round draft picks, in exchange for Matthew Stafford.

It’s not happening.

If a first-round pick was offered in any form of negotiation this past week, Roseman probably would have taken it by now.

That Wentz is still here likely indicates a first-round pick has yet to be offered.

Ron Jaworski told 6ABC that he heard the Colts offered two second-round picks and maybe a third or fourth-round pick somewhere down the road. The former Eagles quarterback from decades ago said his belief is Indy's offer has been the best one yet made to the Eagles.

If that is true, Roseman should have been all over it.

Jaworski's report collaborates what a source told Eagle Maven this week, and that is last Sunday’s report of the Bears’ alleged offer of a first-round pick, Tarik Cohen, and Nick Foles was “laughable.”

“The Eagles and Howie Roseman are trying to prop Carson Wentz up to create the best value in him,” Jaworski said to 6ABC.

The Eagles are doing their best to drum up interest, trying hard even to create a market for a quarterback who looked completely lost in 2020.

Jaworski, though, added he believes Wentz “still has gas in the tank.”

Roseman is in a bind here. He needs to get something decent back for Wentz.

He’s already being accused by the team’s fan base of being the biggest problem with the Eagles and if he doesn’t get a decent haul for Wentz, he will be further buried in harsh criticism on social media, radio, and print.

Trading away the face of the franchise after just five years and less than two years after giving him a $128 million contract extension shouldn’t go over well, and, predictably, it is not.

Then to not get anything of substance back in a trade, causing your owner to swallow a dead-money hit of about $34M, that is not usually a good way to keep your job.

If Wentz does have gas left in his tank, like Jaworski suspects he does and transforms himself in his 2017 version with another team, and Jalen Hurts stumbles, that may very well be the end of the line for Roseman in Philadelphia.

Of course, Jeffrey Lurie may not see it that way, since he hasn’t publicly held Roseman accountable for much at all.

At any rate, the quarterback market became even more muddled this week as the Jets let it be known, through the same national media that reported Wentz was about to be dealt in the “coming days,” that Sam Darnold could be available in a trade.

It’s also been floated that the Raiders are getting calls on back-up Marcus Mariota, like Wentz, a former second overall pick in the draft. Mariota went No. 2 to the Titans in 2015, fell out of favor, and could soon be on his third team.

The first overall pick that year, Jameis Winston, threw 11 passes for his second team this season, the Saints.

The first overall pick the following year has already been dealt to his second team. Jared Goff going to the Lions for Matthew Stafford, a deal that seemed to heat up the market for Wentz, or at least that’s what the Eagles may have wanted everyone to think.

Now, the second overall pick in 2016 is likely headed to his second team.

This year, quarterbacks could again go 1-2 in the draft, with Trevor Lawrence going first to the Jaguars then either Justin Field or Zach Wilson perhaps going second to the Jets.

Maybe the Eagles are in the draft quarterback mix, too, at No. 6, or try to trade up.

A lot of teams get their QB picks wrong, though, and now you can add the Eagles to the list.

Roseman cannot get it wrong again in this year’s draft if QB is once again the direction they go. That would leave him in a deeper bind and even Lurie would have to acknowledge the mistake this time.

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