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Jalen Hurts Attributes Slimmer Look to Nutritional Habits

The Eagles QB1 has given up sugary drinks

PHILADELPHIA - Turns out that Jalen Hurts is slimmer.

When the Eagles’ QB1 first showed up for offseason work this year, a number of reporters remarked that Hurts looked a little lighter than he had in the past.

A former high-school powerlifter, Hurts, who will turn 24 on Aug. 7, had consistently downplayed any loss of weight and said that he’s in the same ballpark as always. The Eagles list the QB1 as 6-foot-1 and 223 pounds.

On Tuesday Hurts was again asked the question and opened up a little more, explaining that the weight hasn’t been in flux but it may have shifted a bit now that he is paying closer attention to his nutritional habits, something that has him feeling better and resulted in the leaner look.

“I’m not necessarily lighter. I’m the same weight, about 220,” said Hurts. “Consistently 220 throughout my days. I just basically feel cleaner in terms of drinking water and laying off the sugary drinks.”

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Hurts noted that he loved lemonade and has found a healthier option.

He’s also been tweaking things elsewhere as well.

“Just changing things that I put in my body. I think it’s really helped as far as my conditioning,” he said. “How I feel when I wake up. Eating my greens, eating a lot of protein, and drinking a lot of water so I think it’s very beneficial.”

Hurts is as powerful as ever and still can deadlift 600 pounds so the change wasn’t about adding any speed or shiftiness to his already impressive movement skills.

It’s just about a mature, young player understanding that to compete at the highest level you should try to optimize everything at your disposal, including your diet.

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