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Bears' Passing on Jalen Carter: Ripping the Rookie or Respecting Eagles' Cement'?

Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles provides insight into why he passed on Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Jalen Carter in the NFL Draft.

Why did the Chicago Bears pass on Georgia defensive tackle-turned-Philadelphia Eagles newcomer Jalen Carter? 

That is the big question that everyone wants answered. And in a recent interview with the Bernstein and Holmes show via 670 the Score, Bears general manager Ryan Poles was asked about that decision to trade the No. 9 overall pick to the Eagles, which meant passing on Carter. 

"I will say that our culture is important," Poles said. "I'll say that we know where our roster is right now and what it can handle, what it can't handle. I think that's part of being intelligent in this space is knowing your locker room and where it's at.

I'm happy we made the decision that we made. Specifically, on Jalen, I think he went to a fantastic place that has ... their cement dry in their foundation."

Pole's commentsallow us to read between th e lines. The decision boiled down to whether Chicago felt comfortable with the risk of adding Carter into its particular locker room. For a team in a rebuild, they obviously felt that they didn't need any potential distractions that might come with that move.

The concerns with Carter stem further back than the January car accident that took the lives of Chandler LeCroy and Devin Willock. After an extensive investigation, Carter was later charged with reckless driving and racing. Carter would later plead no contest to the charges brought against him. 

But those aren't the only concerns with Carter. Media people said there were "character issues.'' One scout told that Carter is "immature.'' And even his supporters say the tragedy has created "psychological challenges'' for Carter.

As for Philadelphia, Poles mentioned the "cement dry" in the foundation of the franchise. Not only do the Eagles have plenty of veterans to help mentor Carter and keep a watchful eye over him. But they also already have plenty of fellow ex-Bulldogs that can help keep him in check. So in a sense, Poles' remarks aren't so much a trashing of Jalen Carter as they are a compliment to where Philly is as an organization - which is a place the Bears are presently not.

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