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Three Intriguing Interior Offensive Line Prospects for Eagles

Having Jason Stoutland mold prospects into gold is one thing, but talent has to be part of the equation to make it work
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INDIANAPOLIS – Just because the Eagles have the best offensive line coach in the National Football League doesn’t mean they can just take fliers on late-round picks and hope Jeff Stoutland can spin them into gold.

“Not taking away (from anyone else), he's the best offensive line coach in the NFL,” said Eagles GM Howie Roseman at the NFL Scouting Combine. “Not trying to insult anyone, but that's how we feel. And we have to give him talented guys.

"At the end of the day, these coaches could be as great as they possibly can be, but without talent, it doesn't help.”

Some mocks have the Eagles looking at the interior of the offensive line in the first round.

It’s not a bad thought, given the retirement of right guard Brandon Brooks and the fact that the Eagles invest the majority of their salary cap in the offensive line, but Roseman seemed to indicate the Eagles will look to draft one on the third day.

However, if there is one they have ranked as a Day 1 or 2 pick, who is still sitting there when it’s their turn, they could go in that direction.

“When we talk about players, we still need players with traits,” said Roseman. “It's hard to be an offensive lineman. It's not a natural thing to be moving backwards while guys are coming at you forwards and, especially, the elite athletes that are on defense.

“So those guys are hard to find. You don't find them in any round. Obviously, there are going to be guys on the third day that we think have some unusual traits that we'd be interested in. But really, when you think about the guys who are really successful, you're talking about guys who have something unusual about them. So, we'll continue to keep looking for those guys because it's important to us.”

On Thursday, the offensive linemen took their turn at the podium here at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

The draft is deep at many positions, and the offensive line is no different.

The Eagles are always looking to fortify the offensive trenches. They have drafted six offensive linemen in the last four years:

  • Landon Dickerson, 2021 second round
  • Jack Driscoll, 2020, fourth round; Prince Tega Wanogho, seventh round
  • Andre Dillard, 2019, first round
  • Matt Pryor, 2018, sixth round; Jordan Mailata, seventh round

Expect that streak to continue with 10 picks in this spring’s draft.

Here are some intriguing candidates who could meet what the Eagles are looking for outside the first round:

Marquis Hayes, Oklahoma. The 6-5, 318-pound guard originally from St. Louis recalled his first year starting on the Sooners’ line and Jalen Hurts was his quarterback.

“One thing I took from him was his mentality,” he said. “It was crazy. First time leaving a game, I saw him going back and doing his extra work after the game. I know he gave it his all that game, also. He did it every game after that. As a leader coming from Alabama to us, he stepped up tremendously from the first day breaking down the huddle, telling us what we need to do, goals, he’s a great guy.”

Daniel Faalele, Minnesota. He’s 6-8, 380, and grew up in Australia. Who does that remind you of? Yep, Jordan Mailata. In fact, the two met two weeks ago.

“Seeing Jordan Mailata and what he’s done in the league is definitely inspiring,” said Faalele. “Just seeing how he plays is motivational and his story, kind of similar story. I get inspiration from him.”

Asked by Eagles Today what the meeting with him was like, Faalele said: “It was cool. It’s like I’d known him forever. He gave me his number and stuff. Just a great friend and mentor.”

Draft him now and in two years of the Jeff Stoutland experience and the Eagles’ starting tackles could be Australian imports.

Alec Lindstrom, Boston College. At 6-3, 298, Lindstrom has a history of playing center. His brother, Chris, was the 14th overall pick of the Atlanta Falcons in 2019.

“I’ve always played with Chris,” said Alec. “In high school, I played with him. We had bunk beds all throughout high school. In college, we were roommates. 

"So, I’ve always been with him. I think it would be pretty cool to play with him again too, but if I played against him, that little, like, you know, ‘Oh, I’m going to beat you,’ and he’s like, ‘Oh, no, I’m going to beat you.’ Either way, it would be pretty cool.”

Hey, the Eagles already have a tight-knit brotherhood with Kelce and his brother, tight end Travis Kelce in Kansas City. This could be the next one.

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