Travis Fulgham, Jalen Reagor Still Growing Together

Right now, the Eagles' receiving tandem looks like the future, but they must first figure out the present
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The Eagles’ future is having trouble navigating the present.

Travis Fulgham and Jalen Reagor have developed a close bond off the field, but now, on the field where they are judged by a critical Eagles fan base, the two receivers are still finding their way.

Reagor missed five games in the heart of the season. In four of those games missed by Reagor, Fulgham soared with 23 receptions for 357 yards and three scores.

Reagor returned against the Cowboys and Fulgham was still effective, with six catches for 78 yards and a score in the win over Dallas on Nov. 1. Reagor had three receptions for 16 yards and his first pro TD in that game, his first since suffering a thumb injury in Week 2.

The last two games the duo has played together has been a struggle, at least for Fulgham, who has been targeted 12 times but made just two catches for 16 yards.

Fulgham doesn’t plan on doing anything different, even as defenses have adjusted somewhat, though he claims not too much.

“Just keep playing my game, just keep being there for Carson (Wentz), running my routes the right way, just making sure I’m at my right depth and executing my plays, said Fulgham on Friday.

"(Defenses haven’t been) too much different, maybe some double coverage. I don’t think teams have adjusted that much. Maybe a little more attention, but I think the opportunity is still there to make plays.”

Reagor had four catches for 52 yards against the Browns on Sunday. Since returning, he has 11 receptions for 115 yards and a touchdown.

The two got more snaps than any other receiver against Cleveland, with Fulgham earning 65 (96 percent) to Reagor’s 63 (93 precent).

“They’re best of friends,” said Montae Reagor of his son Jalen and Fulgham in an interview earlier this month. “He just told me, ‘Hey dad, we’re going to do this thing together. We know we’re the young bucks.’

“He truly believes they’re the future of the Eagles and they’re going to be a force to reckon with. I told him, ‘Hey, one thing about it, if you believe it, you have to work like that. On a daily basis you have to continue to build that relationship and trust one another. At the end of the day, push one another to be great. If you do that, both of you will be great.’”

Reagor will be given every opportunity to achieve greatness as a first-round draft pick.

Fulgham, well, he is on his third team in two years and a superb five-game stretch may only carry one so far until he can prove to be more consistent.

“I'm concerned about Travis' production and getting him better and helping him get better,” said head coach Doug Pederson. “He needs to get better.”

One player who isn’t concerned is the one throwing him the ball, Wentz.

“I have a lot of trust in Travis,” said the quarterback. “I don’t think necessarily he needs to change how he plays, I think it’s just continuing to build within this offense and his route tree and those things. He obviously came on the scene pretty quick, caught a lot of people by surprise and he’s been a pleasant surprise for me and this offense.

“He’s going to keep being a big part of this offense. Last game the conditions and everything were maybe challenging for him, but I think he’s a dynamic player who’s going to keep getting better. He’s still young and within this offense he’s going to keep learning and developing into I believe a really good player.”

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