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What's Next for Jason Kelce in Both the Short and Long Term?

The Eagles center talked recently about getting into coaching, but first things first - he will mentor an offensive line that includes his handpicked successor in Cam Jurgens
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PHILADELPHIA – What’s next for Jason Kelce when that day arrives?

You know the day - retirement.

These things happen all the time. The fortunate ones get to choose when they can step away. Kelce will fall into that category, as did Hall of Fame sportswriter and analyst Ray Didinge, who left a dent in the local sports landscape when he announced his retirement last week.

Tom Brady broke the bank with Tuesday’s news that when he is done playing, he has a fat 10-year contract worth $375 million with FOX to be their lead analyst on all the big games of the weekend.

Coaching could be Kelce’s next chapter, something he talked about last week.

“I thought about what I'm going to do when I'm done but I try to stay focused,” he said. 

“I'm still doing this. ...The one thing I spent my whole life doing is football and so I've built up a lot of experience and expertise in this game and in particular offensive line play and a lot of that has been molded by Jeff Stoutland and the different offensive line coaches I've had throughout my career so I think that whenever I watch something with Stout or a young guy I think a lot of it is he's kinda teaching me a little bit.

“A lot of what we look at is through the same lens because we've been doing things the same for so long and we think about the game very similarly. I don't know. I definitely could see myself enjoying that but who knows what's next?”

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The long-term "next" is still in the embryonic phase.

The short-term "next" is much simpler.

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Kelce is a father to a pair of daughters under the age of 4 and he is a tireless crusader for various charities, including the Eagles’ Autism Foundation.

On the field, it’s to continue to mentor the offensive line, whether it’s veteran players or the youth that the team is transitioning to with second-round draft picks Landon Dickerson, last year, and Cam Jurgens, this year.

Jurgens, of course, is Kelce’s handpicked successor.

“I'm pretty excited about the kid,” said Kelce. “I like him a lot. I like his tools, I like his mentality. Probably overstated a little bit, my involvement in that selection, so I'd probably like to step that back a little bit.

"I think I've looked at a few guys the past couple years when they've asked my opinion but he's here obviously because of Jeff Stoutland, Howie Roseman, Nick Sirianni, all of those people watched that tape and believed in him.

“Although he does have a lot of similar traits to me, he's going to be his own player and I'm looking forward to helping out in any way I can with any of these young guys, particularly Cam."

Kelce told a revealing story perhaps not well known when he talked about his shot at playing guard, something the Eagles have mentioned could be a possibility for Jurgens until Kelce retires.

The center said he played two snaps early in his career at guard and on one of them gave up a sack to Jason Pierre-Paul.

“Every player when you're young is asked to do multiple positions,” he said. “Until you're a starter, you only get to dress seven guys, eight guys if you're lucky on game day. Guys are going to have to play multiple positions if you're in that sixth, seventh spot. ... Stature wise he probably fits the center role more I'm sure he'll play a little bit at guard, and he'll be able to do a great job at that."

Until that is, that day comes when Kelce rides into the sunset, mustering his energy until the sun rises again on something different.

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