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Who Stays, Who Goes: Quarterbacks

Gardner Minshew's status with the team is difficult to determine, but here's a shot at what could happen, with some draft and free agent possibilities
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Been getting some questions about Gardner Minshew, as in, does the Eagles’ backup quarterback stay, or does he go?

My initial response has been that he stays.

He’s on an inexpensive rookie deal, he can win, and his teammates like him.

No brainer, right?

Except that Minshew would like an opportunity to start. He won’t get that with the Eagles.

He tried to see if there was a chance when he reportedly went to Nick Sirianni’s office after he looked sharp in beating the New York Jets in December and asked what it would take to earn the starting job over Jalen Hurts.

The Eagles head did not confirm that report when asked about it on Jan. 6.

“I would be disappointed if Gardner didn't want to be the starter, but obviously Jalen is our starter,” Sirianni said.

So, it’s not as cut-and-dried as it appears.

The Eagles could give Minshew that shot to win another job in another city, provided that whatever team that fits that bill pony up something decent in return.

Take a closer look at each quarterback by clicking the gallery:

Gardner Minshew throws at practice on Sept. 1
Eagles Jalen Hurts (right) talks with QB coach Brian Johnson as Reid Sinnett looks on during practice on Nov. 17, 2021
Jalen Hurts at practice Jan. 13, 2022

Howie Roseman got Minshew for a sixth-round pick from Jacksonville, but Roseman likely values Minshew higher than that level draft choice. Maybe he takes a fifth, preferably a fourth.

A third gets it done. It’s also unrealistic.

Either way, Minshew could be a chip as the Eagles' GM looks to do what he likes to do, and that is wheel and deal.

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As always is the case, when one domino falls, others follow, so what would the quarterback room look like if Minshew goes?

Reid Sinnett would remain, and he probably stays.

Why not?

Sinnett is 6-4, 220, and has been in Sirianni’s system since the Eagles signed him on Oct. 25 when the Dolphins released him two days earlier hopeful they could get him back on their practice squad. He was originally signed by Tampa Bay as an undrafted free agent out of San Diego State in 2020.

The Eagles will likely draft another and maybe bring in a free agent.

Taking Roseman at his word that a) Hurts will be the starter in 2022 and b) he will put pieces around him to be successful, he will spend his three first-round picks somewhere other than on a quarterback.

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The Eagles didn’t take a QB last year and they seem to like doing it roughly every two years, so the expectation is Roseman will find a quarterback somewhere in the draft, unless, and there’s always one of those, the Eagles believe Sinnett is that developmental quarterback.

There is so much uncertainty surrounding this current crop of passers that it’s difficult to tell if North Carolina’s Sam Howell, Cincinnati’s Desmond Ritter, or Wake Forest’s Sam Hartman will be around in the second or third round, which, my belief are the rounds Roseman will target.

He made Hurts a second-round pick when they had Carson Wentz, so he won’t hesitate to spend on a higher-tier QB if one is there on Day Two of the draft. If not, then perhaps Roseman looks at deeper developmental talent such as Iowa State’s Brock Purdy and others on Day Three.

It’s really a name-game at this point until after the showcase games and Scouting Combine run their course.

As for free agency, there are some names that could entice the Eagles, such as Tyrod Taylor, Jacoby Brissett, or even Mitchell Trubisky.

Of course, it would be easier to just stay with Minshew and draft another one, but easy isn't always best and that will be up to Roseman to determine which course of action to take.

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