REPORT: The NFL Will Trim Training Camp Rosters

Chris Vinel

The coronavirus affects everything, and unfortunately, that might mean a few more football players missing out on their NFL dreams this year.

The league plans to trim training camp rosters by at least 10 players, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Typically, teams can bring 90 players to training camp, but the buzz around the NFL is they will be limited to 75 or 80 due to the pandemic this year. Regular season rosters hold 53 players.

Wednesday, the NFL reportedly cut the preseason in half, from four games to two. Because of that, teams won’t need as many players to fill out their rosters.

The NFL and NFL Players Association are working together to decide the appropriate amount of players. One plan being discussed calls for teams to split into two groups and practice at different times, regardless of how many players report to camp.

The league is also considering expanding its practice squad rosters to 16-20 players, instead of the usual 10, once the regular season begins. This would give teams a security blanket in case of a coronavirus outbreak on their rosters.

These protocol rumblings and changes are unlikely to stop soon. Per Schefter, his sources around the league are questioning whether training camp will even be able to commence on time.

The NFL and most of its players are doing everything possible to play football this fall, though.

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