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Falcons' Cordarrelle Patterson Recruiting Pitch to Odell Beckham Jr.: 'How Much to Sign?'

"OBJ,'' Cordarrelle Patterson wrote on Twitter in another of his Falcons recruiting efforts. "How much you need then? S***, we would love to have you in Atlanta!!''
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FRISCO - Odell Beckham Jr. is selling his services.

Cordarrelle Patterson wants to be a buyer.

“I’m just so confused where the quote is from me that said I want 20,” OBJ wrote on Saturday morning, apparently complaining about both the portrayal of his contract demands and the realities of his contract offers. “All I’m sayin is 4 AINT enough.”

Beckham is essentially saying he's never said he needs $20 million APY ... while also suggesting that the present bidders, including the Dallas Cowboys, are hovering around that lower figure in terms of offers.

Patterson's input?

"OBJ,'' Patterson wrote on Twitter on Saturday. "How much you need then? S***, we would love to have you in Atlanta!!''

In a Pro Football Talk article, Mike Florio wrote on the day after OBJ's private workout (not attended by Dallas) about what he's heard about Beckham's contract demands.

"At one point during the 2022 season, a report emerged that free-agent receiver Odell Beckham Jr. wants $20 million per year. We’re told that Beckham still has that number in mind," Florio said.

As we wrote at the time - with all due respect to PFT - it may be dangerous to assume this report to be accurate. But for the sake of argument?

That seemed ... incredibly high.

And now OBJ is telling us, yes. That’s too high.

The Cowboys have been OBJ's most publicized suitor. The Falcons have not really been included on the list. Meanwhile, CP has developed a habit of reaching out on Twitter to available stars in grab-bag fashion ... an admirable attempt, for sure.

Can Odell be a winner as part of a Falcons team that is trying to build itself into a contender? How much is OBJ worth given that despite his reputation, injuries have meant he hasn't experienced a "WR1'' season since 2019?

We don't know what the right price for Beckham is. But we think it's fun that CP, along with the rest of the NFL world, would like to find out.

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