Falcons new uniforms allegedly leak on Twitter

Zach Hood

The Atlanta Falcons have been planning to release new uniforms since January. It seems a few people on Twitter may have done it for them, just minutes after the announced unveiling of Apr. 14. These images have been posted by several accounts by now, but this is the earliest timestamp we could track down. 

Another 'gradient' red look leaked from a different account:

If these are the real threads, some fans may be disappointed. They are not exactly representative of a rebrand. The look very similar to the ones they have been wearing for the last 17 years. The logo appears identical, with bigger numbers on the jerseys being the biggest notable difference. If you look closely, looks like there's also an eerily similar black throwback jersey to the one they have worn in recent seasons. These leaks have not been confirmed, so it's worth noting they could just be samples. The 'gradient' look is interesting and could sell a full rebrand, but it definitely hits as more of a tweak than full-on change based on these photos. 

Atlanta faithful could be upset about how similar these look to the old renditions and it may come across as more of a tweak than an actual rebrand. The biggest changes here would be the gradient in the red, and shifting back to black pants with the red jerseys, similar to the look they wore in the early and mid 2000s. Not to say the new threads won't look good, but fans may expect a little more creativity. 

Some fans however offered a positive response:

The Falcons may or may not comment on leaks, as of now they have not. The Apr. 14 release date is just a week away, so they may wait until then before making further comments on the uniforms.