Falcons drop new uniforms after Twitter leaks

Zach Hood

As you know by now, the Atlanta Falcons new uniforms leaked yesterday on Twitter after they set an Apr. 14 date for the official unveiling. Well, that changed quickly, as they released the full kit this morning. 

They will be shifting back to black jerseys as the primary home color, with black pants as well. They will presumably wear the all white on the road, with the gradient red with black pants being the new alternate. They will still feature the throwback black jerseys with the old school white pants as well. 

The full unveil looks better than the leaks, which should put some fans at ease after the leaks were somewhat shredded by fans on Twitter Tuesday afternoon. The jerseys will go on sale on the original launch date of Apr. 14. 

The highly anticipated, much awaited new look is finally here, and while it appears there is not a new logo, the jerseys do have a new feel with the “ATL” across the chest. Going back to black for the primary home color is also a welcome change and one that is consistent with the history of the look of the franchise. 

The all white road set is very different from the road uniforms the Falcons sported for the past decade plus, and the red gradient look is one of the more unique looks around the league, to say the least. 

Is there anything the Falcons left off of the new look that you would have liked to see? 

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