Dirty Birds Podcast Episode 37: A Bittersweet Victory for the Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons got their first win of 2020, but does it actually mean anything?
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For the first time of the 2020 season, the Atlanta Falcons ended up in the win column. 

But after an 0-5 start, it likely won't matter.

Sure, it's fun to see all the pieces Atlanta boasts putting it all together to finally perform the way we all thought they were capable of playing when the season first began, but when it comes to the actual trajectory of the season, the odds are still tough for the Falcons. 

The big story of the week was how the Falcons would look without Dan Quinn as head coach, ushering in the era of Raheem Morris. 

The answer: Really good. 

The question then becomes how much credit can Morris take for the Falcons' domination of Minnesota on Sunday? 

How much of this can be attributed to the overall tone that is set by firing a head coach midway through the season? Or could it be that the Vikings were just the first bad team the Falcons ran into this season?


Looking ahead to Week 7, the Detroit Lions come to town with a 2-3 record and not a whole lot of talent to strike fear into the hearts of the Falcons.

Can Atlanta fans count on another week this Sunday to get the Falcons to 2-5?

All of this and more on this week's edition of The Dirty Birds Podcast.

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