BlitzZone: Does Atlanta need a new Quarterback? Is it time for Matt Ryan to throw in the towel?

Is it time for the Atlanta Falcons to move on from Matt Ryan? Thomas Dimitroff may be looking in that direction.

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This weeks topic: Is it time for the Atlanta Falcons to get a new quarterback? 

Thomas Dimitroff was reportedly looking at quarterback prospects this year so the big questions everyone is asking is: Is this the end of Matt Ryan? 

This week Jeremy Johnson and Terence Moore will be debating whether or not Matt Ryan will be ending his time with the Atlanta Falcons. 

Jeremy Johnson believes that it may be time for the Falcons to get a "breath of fresh air" on the time. Matt Ryan isn't the spring chicken that he used to be, currently standing at age 35. Johnson claims there are some serious prospects the Falcons could be considering to replace Ryan. If the Falcons somehow find a way to move in this years draft, they could, and to some degree, SHOULD be looking for a replacement in that quarterback spot. "It's nothing personal Matt it's just football" Johnson says. 

Terence Moore disagrees. There is no reason for the Atlanta Falcons should be looking for a quarterback in the 2020 NFL Draft. Moore claims that this weeks debate is going to be "like Tyson vs. Holyfield back in 1996, you know the first time"!  Moore also says that we won't bite of Johnson's ear like Tyson did Holyfield, it will be more of a "friendly discussion". 

Tune in tonight at 7 PM EST on Facebook Live to see who is going to win this weeks debate! 

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