Following the Atlanta Falcons latest defeat, their fifth in a row, wide receiver Julio Jones reportedly interrupted head coach Dan Quinn to address the team in the locker room. What he had to say wasn't pretty.

With news of this surfacing late this week, more of the blame for the Falcons' horrific start is getting pinned to the players.

"At the end of the day, we're out there on the field. Coach Quinn is not on the field,'' Jones said according to Vaughn McClure of ESPN. "I don't know as far as defensive calls and things like that, how he does that, but the effort is there. I just feel like us, as competitors and professionals, we can do a better job of going out there and gelling together more.''

What's interesting, as that quote indicates, is Jones isn't blaming his teammates for a lack of effort. Apparently according to Jones, they just need to execute better.

Whether it was his intention or not, Jones speaking up after Sunday's loss to the Los Angeles Rams has taken some attention away from Quinn late this week. His coaching seat is definitely still very warm, but there seems to be a realization now that there's plenty of blame for the 1-6 start to go around with the Falcons.

It's up to the Falcons players now to respond to this latest tactic to break the team's losing streak. If not, Atlanta will suffer its first six-game losing streak since Quinn's first season in 2015.