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Why Julio Jones News Leaves Falcons Owner Arthur Blank ‘Bothered’

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank publicly spoke of Julio Jones for the first time, and it was obvious he was saddened by Jones' exit.

As an Atlanta Falcon, Julio Jones did pretty much everything "the right way."

Besides being a Hall of Fame caliber receiver with the Atlanta Falcons with eye popping numbers including a 136 catch and 1,871 yard season in 2015, Jones mentored younger receivers. He never had any negative press or headlines. Jones was never a diva receiver.

However, after three losing seasons, he felt him time was up in Atlanta and wanted a trade.

The news officially broke from Jones when he made an appearance on FOX Sports when he said on live television "I'm out of there."

It was a moment totally out of character by Jones to say anything noteworthy publicly. While it was reported that he didn't know he was on air, it cast Jones as the bad guy for the first time.

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Falcons owner Arthur Blank built what he thought was a strong relationship with Jones and was disappointed he wanted out.

Blank addressed the Julio Jones trade for the first time publicly at Thursday's press conference to mark the opening of training camp.

"The part that bothered me personally was the fact that he expressed that he wanted to be traded," Blank told reporters. "We had a 10-year relationship. We had a good relationship. He was productive, a Hall-of-Fame player, and I was disappointed he felt that way. For whatever reasons, I'm not sure, I wasn't able to speak with him. I tried to, but he felt the way he felt and he wanted to make a change."

Jones likely regrets not speaking with Blank before or after leaving. Jones gave his all to the Falcons for ten years, but the Falcons and Arthur Blank gave Jones a lot as well, including a prohibitive three year $66 million ($64 million guaranteed) contract before the 2019 season.

His 10 seasons in Atlanta saw him earn $125 million.

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A call to the owner probably isn't too much to ask, but after his FOX Sports interview fiasco, maybe Jones is waiting to have that conversation with Blank in person.