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Giants WR Kenny Golladay Ready to Put Miserable 2021 Season Behind Him

The Giants' No. 1 receiver says he's healthy and fully bought into the new offensive system.

To watch New York Giants receiver Kenny Golladay at times this summer was like waiting for something spectacular that never did happen.

But while people are quick to blame everything from the receiver's lack of interest in the offense to the coaching staff holding him back on purpose, Golladay insists that he's bought into the system and is looking forward to getting things started.

"I’m excited to get going, to be honest. I feel like everybody is pretty much back, healthy. We’ve got a lot of guys and some sparks that can help this offense," he said.

That would also include Golladay himself. While he didn't want to state specific goals, he did mention that a goal of his was to stay healthy this year. 

"I feel a lot better coming into this," said Golladay, who had an off-season procedure. "As far as just the training staff, medical, coaches, (inaudible), they did it the right way to try to make sure everybody was on the field at all times, just so we can get all that chemistry and everything. Of course, some injuries you have no control over. I feel like (Head Coach Brian Daboll) Dabs and the rest of his staff have done a pretty good job."

Golladay insisted that he wasn't bothered by having to play in the preseason finale when so many other receivers were held out. And he also explained his actions, or lack thereof, on the one play that went viral in which it looked like Golladay was making a business decision.

"Initially, I have to tempo off the line a little bit because I can’t be an illegal man blocking down the field because there was a screen early on," he said. 

"So, (Wide Receiver) Wan’Dale (Robinson) is going to do a screen behind the ball, the ball bounced out to the left, and it was either that or I was going to potentially block in the back or hold. I was already kind of out of position. It was more so I tempoed off the ball just because you have to wait until the ball got there in case there was an RPO."

Overall, Golladay is confident that the Giants offense will improve more than it was a year ago. 

"I feel like the offense is going to be good in general. I’m not going to say I’m just a big part of the offense as far as, ‘if I’m not on the field, the offense won’t be that good,’" he said. 

"Of course, with us on the field, it’s definitely going to help the offense – I’ll say that. It’s two more people the defense has to be worried about."


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