New York Giants Mailbag: Summer Break Time Edition

Let's check in with the readers to see what's on their minds.
New York Giants Mailbag
New York Giants Mailbag / Patricia Traina | New York Giants on SI
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Ojulari had a quiet spring from what I saw. I don't recall him taking team reps during the minicamp. I'm not sure if that's related to his injuries from last year or what, but I don't have anything I can pass along in terms of how he looked.

I think he does. Truth be told, I was not impressed with what I saw from Nathan Rourke this spring. And I've said before that I believe the Giants could carry three quarterbacks on the roster if there is any concern about Daniel Jones's knee being 100%. So, I do think DeVito finds a spot on the roster, barring anything crazy happening with his summer.

Sort of. What Strahan, who invited the elder Runyan to his Hall of Fame induction ceremony, said in his induction speech, "You were the toughest guy I ever had to face on a consistent basis. You made me a much better football player. And after watching these films and you don't play anymore, your right foot gave away everything you were going to do. But I love you, Jon Runyan."

I think Jashaun Corbin has an uphill battle to make the roster this summer, with Devin Singletary, Eric Gray, Tyrone Tracy Jr, and Dante Miller projected ahead of him. But as is always the case, injuries and performance can play a factor in how many (and who) the Giants actually keep.

Great question, Edwin. I'm working on a stock report that addresses this, so I don't want to give it away just yet. Also, keep in mind that there were no pads or contact, so evaluations must be taken with a grain of salt. (But I'll still give you my take on this in a forthcoming article.)

New York Giants offensive lineman Jermaine Eluemunor
New York Giants offensive lineman Jermaine Eluemunor / Patricia Traina - New York Giants on SI

Right now, the Giants’ best right tackle is Jermaine Eluemunor. The best left guard is Jon Runyan, Jr. By sticking with Neal at right tackle, they are basically downgrading two other positions on the offensive line to try to cater to his limitations. 

Wouldn’t they be better putting Runyan at left guard and Eluemunor at right tackle, and trying to scheme around right guard, especially since this is the likely lineup if Neal doesn’t make a big jump? If Eluemunor plays right tackle, who can play the second starting guard position? That seems like the biggest hole on the roster. -- Dante V.

Dante, it's too early to declare anyone other than Andrew Thomas the "best" on that offensive line. I really do. The Giants have said they'll let Evan Neal compete to keep his job at right tackle, so they apparently still believe he can do it, regardless of what anyone thinks.

Personally, I would have moved him to left guard next to Thomas and put Eluemunor at right tackle and Runyan next to him at right guard. What I think will happen is if Neal doesn't come around, we could see Aaron Stinnie at left guard, Runyan at right guard, and Eluemunor at right tackle.

Where is the deterrent for tampering? Clearly, Saquon was tampered with as the announcement came before the window to talk was open. --Matthew W.

Matthew, the NFL did not find enough evidence of tampering, so unless you have evidence to the contrary, you can say there was "clear tampering."

But you're right. The penalty handed down by the league to the Falcons is the equivalent of a slap on the wrist and is quite disappointing because it sets a precedent and opens the door for future tampering.

I'm sure people are glad to see him take better control of his health by shedding some unwanted pounds. But motivation-wise? I suppose people can look to the discipline it takes to stick to a diet, but I would be surprised if that were the case among the players.

No. This revolving door at coach and GM has to stop. Give these guys time to build the program the right way.

We don't. The Giants say he's on schedule, but I still find it off that they backed off of him because if he is getting better and making progress, wouldn't you want to keep up the pace instead of stopping it?

Hopefully not long at all.

Patricia Traina


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