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New York Giants Draft Prospect: RB Braelon Allen

Can the New York Giants look to the mid-late rounds for a running back addition?

Braelon Allen, RB

Height: 6’ 1¼”
Weight: 235 lbs.
Class: Junior
School: Wisconsin

Braelon Allen was the 227th-ranked linebacker in the 2021 recruiting class out of Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. Allen committed to the Wisconsin Badgers over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish before moving to a full-time running back as a true freshman.


  • Insane size for a running back. 95th percentile height, 95th percentile weight.
  • I love him--that’s how his willingness and awareness in pass protection makes me feel.
  • Has good speed for a back, especially at his size
  • Will be 20 years old during his rookie season
  • Most of the time he’s quick and decisive in hitting the hole, 2022 was more consistent so it could’ve been the new offense and line in 2023 that gave him some hesitation
  • Patient behind his line
  • Shows good awareness in short-yardage and on the goal line
  • His stiff arm is violent
  • Bounces like a pinball if you aren’t going to wrap him up
  • Has soft hands out of the backfield, is going to be an option on swings, screens, and as a checkdown option


  • Doesn’t have much wiggle to his game; runs with pretty tight hips
  • He cuts inside too often when there’s space outside the tackles
  • Tends to carry the ball a bit away from his body, which can lead to some fumbles
  • Acceleration is unimpressive - not damning, but struggles to pick up steam after making a cut
  • Route-running is likely never going to be a strength of his
  • His pass-protection technique will need some work 


If this were 1970-2010, we’d be talking about Allen as a top-ten pick. In 2024, we’re talking about him as a mid-round pick because of his skillset. Allen is a bulldozer who is going to make most of his money between the tackles and on early downs and will likely need a passing-down specialist with him.

Given his extensive playing time experience, I think Allen is kind of a “we know what he is” kind of prospect - and he’s a talented runner with limited upside in the passing game.

GRADE: 6.1

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