LockedOn Giants Podcast: Getting to the Heart of the Offensive Line Issues

Patricia Traina

Offensive line analyst Brandon Thorn, who contributes to The Athletic, Establish The Run and The Scouting Academy, recently appeared on the LockedOn Giants podcast to discuss various topics about the Giants' offensive line.

Thorn pointed out that when it comes to where the Giants should play first-round pick Andrew Thomas, the presence of Nate Solder is likely going to dictate otherwise.

"I would think you would want to put more of it on Solder just because of his experience, and you kind of want to ease Thomas into it, even though he was such a high pick, there's not going to be a lot expected of them," Thorn said.

"It's not like you're going to protect a guy and leave one guy totally vulnerable. You kind of have to balance it. But I think that you would kind of shade a little bit more towards putting more on Solder."

Thorn also says that there are things the team can do to help the tackle if he needs it against a top-tier pass rusher such as chip blocking, sliding protections, and play-action.

"It's a balancing act, and it depends on the opponent that week and a variety of other different factors. So it'll be interesting to watch. I'm excited to kind of see how it's handled."

Among the other topics Thorn addressed include:

  • Why Will Hernandez didn't take the big step forward, many people thought he would.
  • What new offensive line coach Mark Columbo, a former NFL offensive lineman, can bring to the Giants offensive line room that they didn't have before.
  • The Giants' best options at center.

Listen to the full episode below.

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CJ in Az
CJ in Az

Great and knowledgeable guest - thanks!