Column: Jaguars Still Have Much More to Prove, But Some Respect is Deserved

John Shipley

In the NFL, there is truly no such thing as moral victories. There are games in which a fanbase can live with losing due to glimpses of hope elsewhere. There are games where a scrappy underdog just barely loses to a propped up contender. But for those inside locker rooms and on the sidelines, a loss is the worst result possible no matter the context. 

But even with that in mind, it needs to be considered what the Jacksonville Jaguars can gain from Sunday's 33-30 loss to the Tennessee Titans. Jacksonville lost in Nashville for the seventh year in a row and dropped to 1-1 after having a chance to start 2-0, but the Jaguars can still walk away from Sunday's frustrating thought with one thing: respect. 

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