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Jaguars 38, Chargers 10: The Good, The Bad and the Great From Jacksonville's Big Win

What were the high points of Jacksonville's statement victory over the Chargers on Sunday?

The Jacksonville Jaguars deserve all of the hype they get this week after blowing out the Los Angeles Chargers 38-10 in Week 3 -- but just how good did the Jaguars look in their statement win?

“We are [feeling good], obviously the way we've won, the way the guys have come together to win, we're healthy, relatively healthy as a football team," Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson said on Monday. 

"[There's] still a lot of football ahead of us. You never look past the current week you're in, the current situation you're in, but I've been pleased with the direction, the leadership of the team, and where we are as a football team right now. [We] still have room for improvement obviously, and I think that's the exciting thing that everybody embraces their role and their opportunities when they get them."

With this in mind, we are going to examine the biggest highs and lows, the downright concerning and everything in between: the good, the bad and the ugly from the Chargers win.

The Good

  • It would be impossible to not mention Zay Jones this week. The veteran wide receiver was mostly unproductive for the first several years of his career, but he has had a strong start to his Jaguars career and had his best game yet in Week 3. He led the Jaguars in targets, catches and yards while also catching his first touchdown. Half of his catches went for a first down or touchdown as he gave Trevor Lawrence a safe and reliable target all game long and has been able to take advantage of the looks defenses are giving him as a result of the attention Christian Kirk commands.
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  • The Jaguars were also the league's most efficient passing offense in terms of success rate this week, coming at No. 1 with a success rate 60%. A play is successful when it gains at least 40% of yards-to-go on first down, 60% of yards-to-go on second down and 100% of yards-to-go on third or fourth down. In short ... the Jaguars' offense was getting positive gains and moving the chains on three out of every five passing plays, a dangerous and exciting trend to watch moving forward.

The bad

  • While the Jaguars did eventually start scoring touchdowns in the second-half, there was definitely some frustrating aspects to their red-zone offense getting just one touchdown through their first four red-zone drives, including getting the ball with some really short fields due to turnovers. The Jaguars amended the issue later in the game, but if the Jaguars want to keep winning then they are going to need to start turning field goals into touchdowns.
  • It is hard for any cornerback to match up with Mike Williams in the red-zone, but Tyson Campbell's loss against Williams for a touchdown on Sunday was a reoccurring trend for Campbell. Campbell had his usual tight coverage on Williams but failed to get his head around at the last second to make a play on the ball. This has now happened to him for a big play in all three weeks this year -- the only three truly negative plays Campbell has had. He has had a good year, but he should be having an even better one.

The Great

  • Nobody deserves more credit for how they played vs. the Chargers than right tackle Jawaan Taylor. The Jaguars have done their offensive line favors by calling quick-hitting passes, but the unit hasn't allowed a sack in two weeks and Taylor has arguably been their best pass-protector during the streak. Taylor had a great showing vs. Joey Bosa when he was still in the game and then made Khalil Mack mostly a non-factor, with Chargers coach Brandon Staley even pointing out after the game that the Chargers' pass-rush didn't affect Trevor Lawrence enough. Taylor is the biggest reason this was the case.
  • The Jaguars could have been in serious trouble in the secondary on Sunday due to injuries, but veteran cornerback Tre Herndon ensured this wouldn't be the case. Herndon stepped in as the Jaguars' No. 3 cornerback after Shaquill Griffin was ruled out with a hip injury, and the cornerback room went on to have arguably their best game of 2022 so far. Herndon nearly recorded a pick and provided good tackling and tight coverage throughout the contest.