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Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman Ben Bartch is out, after being evaluated for a concussion in Sunday morning's game against the Miami Dolphins. The club announced at the conclusion of the first half that Bartch was being evaluated for a concussion, then CBS updated Bartch's status to out during the third quarter. 

In Bartch's place, Will Richardson stepped in at guard. 

Bartch has been playing in place of the A.J. Cann, who was placed on Injured Reserve following the Cincinnati Bengals loss. His questionable status is another hit to a decimated line. In addition to Cann being on IR, the Jaguars are also without center and captain Brandon Linder, who suffered a MCL injury last week versus the Tennessee Titans. 

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Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said of Bartch—and his reworked line with Shatley—this week, "Ben [Bartch] did a good job in there at guard, for A.J. [Cann]. We really miss A.J. but I thought Ben did a good job. There were a couple—there’s always going to be—but there were a couple plays [where] he could’ve been better. But overall, for him to step in there and start in the game, I thought he did a good job. 

"And we’re very fortunate to have a guy like [Tyler] Shatley. Brandon Linder is our leader, you can’t really replace a guy like that, but we’re very fortunate to have a guy that has experience, experience at snapping the ball, experience at making all the calls that you need to—because that guy is really directing it and particularly with a younger quarterback. So, we’re excited that we have Shatley, that we can work with him.”

Tyler Shatley took over for Linder at center, and spent time on the injury report this past week of practice, but has been active and playing versus the Dolphins. 

With Bartch out, the Jaguars offensive line shuffled and is currently (L-R) Cam Robinson, Andrew Norwell, Tyler Shatley, Will Richardson Jr. and Jawaan Taylor. Rookie Walker Little also entered the game as an extra blocker/eligible receiver for a James Robinson touchdown run. 

At the time of publishing, the Jaguars were leading the Dolphins in the annual International London game, 17-13 with remaining in the third quarter.