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Urban Meyer has been asking for a spark. Something, anything, to give the Jacksonville Jaguars a jolt to flame the embers he's been stoking since arriving in January. The Jags had the beginning's of one, going up 19-10 on the undefeated Arizona Cardinals at the end of the first half on Sunday.

In the end though, there wasn't enough fuel or actual fire or whatever other metaphor you want to use to describe the Jaguars inevitable hot streak and ultimate fall. 

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Trailing 7-0 towards the end of the first quarter, Logan Cooke sent a booming punt to the pocket just outside the endzone, where Rudy Ford downed the ball. The special teams play mean the Cardinals had to start at their own 1-yard line. It was easy grass for the defense to work, and after a huge stop from Damien Wilson on 3rd and 1, the Cards were forced to punt.