Jaguars Vs. Chargers: Week 7 Game Day Live Thread

Follow along with us here as we track each big moment during the Jaguars' Week 7 road game vs. the Chargers!

Can the Jacksonville Jaguars upset the Los Angeles Chargers at SoFi Stadium in Week 7 to improve to 2-5, or will the team drop its sixth consecutive contest? Keep track of today's performance with us here.

First quarter


Dede Westbrook serves as the team's starting kick returner as the Jaguars open the game with the ball.


Tyler Shatley gets beat bad on third-down, leading to Minshew rushing the throw. With that said, it hit DJ Chark in the hands. Should have been a conversion.


The Jaguars give up a 31-yard gain to Justin Herbert on a read option, ugly looking play considering nobody was close to Herbert for most of the play.


Quincy Williams is on the field at weakside linebacker after Dakota Allen was injured during a 27-yard Keenan Allen catch.


Herbert throws it incomplete on third-down, leading to the Chargers kicking a 35-yard field goal and taking the early lead. 

Chargers 3, Jaguars 0.


Jags get another three-and-out as Minshew as sacked by Joey Bosa on third-down. it was only a three-man rush, too. 


Jaguars force a three-and-out of their own and Minshew and the Jaguars will get a chance to finally get something going on offense.


After a first-down false start, the Jaguars get another three-and-out. They now have 11 yards on nine plays, zero first downs and three three-and-outs. 


Chargers bring in Easton Stick but Quincy Williams forces a loss of three yards on a read option.


Chargers get a first down on an eight-yard dump off to Josh Kelly.


Jaguars get called for holding and give up an automatic first down on what was otherwise a throwaway by Herbert.


Kamalei Correa nearly gets a tackle for loss but instead allows the first down.


After Keenan Allen picks up 26 yards, Joe Reed takes it into the end zone on a seven-yard jet sweep. 

Chargers 9, Jaguars 0.

Second quarter


Minshew is sacked for the third time on third down, leading to the Jaguars going three-and-out for the fourth consecutive drive.


CJ Henderson misses the tackle in space on Keenan Allen, allowing the first down.


Josh Jones gets a personal foul for lowering his helmet and the Chargers are in the red zone. 


Donald Parham catches a 22-yard pass down the seam and scores, a great throw from Herbert. Jaguars are having a terrible day all around. 

Chargers 16, Jaguars 0.


Minshew gets the pass off with pressure in his face and finds Chark for 25 yards his first completion of the day and also the only first down the Jaguars have gotten.


Laviska Shenault takes the third down run for 37 yards, the longest of his career so far. Almost 27 of those came after the catch, with him breaking multiple tackles. 


James Robinson runs it for eight yards but the refs rule him short of the end zone. Doug Marrone is challenging, which is the right call.


James Robinson gets the touchdown on the review, his fourth rushing score this season. Jaguars go for two and get it.

Chargers 16, Jaguars 8.


Josh Allen deflects Herbert's third-down pass and the Jaguars defense is getting off of the field again.


Jaguars get 22 yards on the first play of the drive after Minshew finds O'Shaughnessy up the seam.


Jaguars go for it on fourth down but Bosa beats Cam Robinson on the edge and forces James Robinson to lose yards and turn the ball over on downs.


Jaguars force their own three-and-out thanks to terrific coverage from Brandon Watson on third down.


James Robinson gets 27 yards on the first two carries of this drive. The Jaguars are leaning on the rookie.


James Robinson takes the third down carry for the first down, giving him nearly 90 yards in the first half.


Minshew finds Collin Johnson for 13 yards on third-down, big pickup for the Jaguars' offense near the goal line.


James Robinson catches a nine-yard touchdown from Minshew, but the Jaguars can't get the two-point conversion. 

Chargers 16, Jaguars 14.

Third quarter


Jaguars get a run stuff on first down to start the half. Goodrep from DaVon Hamtilton. 


Quincy Williams and DaVon Hamilton combine for a tackle for loss on third down to force the punt. Chargers will punt.


Rookie safety Daniel Thomas blocks the punt and then returns it for a touchdown. What a play by the rookie, and the Jaguars take their first lead. 

Jaguars 21, Chargers 16.


K'Lavon Chaisson gets good pressure but the Chargers get a first down thanks to a 12-yard gain from a Herbert scramble.


Chagers miss a field goal and the Jaguars will get the ball with a chance to expand upon their lead. Lucky break for the Jaguars here.


Jaguars go for it on fourth down but the Chargers sniff out the PA pass and then stop Minshew before he is able to reach the ball across the line of scrimamge.


Keenan Allen beats CJ Henderson and gets the first down after the Jaguars nearly sack Herbert. Rough break for the defense.


Josh Allen gets a big pressure and the Jaguars sack Herbert on second down. Smoot and Taven Bryan will split the sack.


Jaguars forced an incompletion on third down but Brandon Watson gets called for holding and the Chargers get a first.


Justin Herbert gets the ball to Virgin Green on a 26-yard touchdown and the Jaguars have lost the lead. Quincy Williams prevents the Chargers from getting the two-point conversion, however.

Chargers 22, Jaguars 21.


Andrew Norwell gets called for holding during a Minshew scramble for a first down. Jaguars have been hurt by penalties today.


Chargers get another personal foul and the Jaguars have now gotten 30 yards in penalties over the last two plays.


Chris Conley catches a 28-yard touchdown pass on third down, a terrific throw by Minshew and a great catch by Conley. The Jaguars then followed it up by throwing a two-point conversion to Ben Ellefson. 

Jaguars 29, Chargers 22.


Tre Herndon gets beat by Guyton for a 70-yard touchdown and the Chargers are back on the board following the Jaguars touchdown. That was quick.

Jaguars 29, Chargers 29.


Dede Westbrook fumbles the kickoff and the Jaguars will now have a short, short field to defend.


Joe Schobert has an awful rep as he is shaken in space by Herbert. Had a clear shot on him before the end zone but he is unable to bring him down.

Chargers 36, Jaguars 29.

Fourth quarter


Dede Westbrook is being carted off with a leg injury after a kick off return. Tough scene to watch unfold in Los Angeles. 


James Robinson takes the first carry of the drive for 22 yards, putting him or 100 for the day.


Jaguars allow a sack on second down and then have to get out of the pocket on third-and-long, leading to a punt from Logan Cooke.


Chargers are driving on the Jaguars thanks to several big third down conversions from Herbert. Jaguars struggling on the backend and up front.


Chargers drop the third down pass and will now send the field goal kicker out for a 35-yard attempt.


Badgley makes the field goal and Chargers go up by multiple possesions. 

Chargers 39, Jaguars 29.


Jaguars facing fourth-and-2. They will need to go for it here, their third attempt on fourth down.


Shenault has just enough and converts the fourth down on a hitch route.


Minshew misses Chark for the second consecutive play and the Jaguars will turn it over on fourth down, ending this game pending a miracle.