The 4-9 Jacksonville Jaguars will try to pick up a much-needed win for the morale of its locker room when the team travels to clash with the 6-7 Oakland Raiders this afternoon. Losers of five-straight, Jacksonville's once-promising 2019 squad is now playing for pride and the hope of putting enough good things on tape to find them work after this season.

Follow along here all throughout the game as we deliver live updates, analysis, and more for today's game.

2:09 p.m.: Adam Schefter of ESPN reported today that his sources expect significant changes following the conclusion of this season.

This potential move certainly would not be surprising, but it is worth noting that ESPN's top news breaker is now on the story.

2:40 p.m.: Jacksonville has released its inactives list for today's game, with one major name that was already announced previously.

DJ Chark is the big name here. He was listed out with an ankle injury on Friday, and the loss of Jacksonville's No. 1 wide receiver will certainly play a major role in today's contest. There are no other notable moves or surprises here, with Charles Jones being inactive in favor of a healthy Seth DeValve.

First Quarter

15:00: Logan Cooke is set to kickoff as Oakland will take the field on offense first.

13:52: Josh Jacobs gets six yards on third-and-one to move the chains. Jaguars' front not doing much early.

11:20: Raiders just cut through the Jaguars' defense with ease. Tyrell Williams catches a pass over the middle, breaks a bad Jarrod Wilson tackle attempt, and runs it 40 yards for the touchdown. Oakland picked up 75 yards in only seven plays that drive, a 10.7 yard per play average.

Raiders 7, Jaguars 0.

11:25: Leonard Fournette gets five tough yards on first Jaguars' offensive play. He has ran hard all year.

9:45: Gardner Minshew makes a phenomenal throw on third down to get a gain of 55 yards. Keelan Cole came open on a double move and Minshew found him deep despite getting hit on the pass.

8:50: Nobody gets open on 3rd down in the red-zone, Jaguars once again have to settle for a FG. Josh Lambo makes it from 28 yards out.

Raiders 7, Jaguars 3. 

7:58: Darren Waller gets 13 yards on first down. Jaguars can't cover anybody with this random linebacker group.

5:54: Darren Waller is killing Jacksonville right now. Just beat Ronnie Harrison for 33 yards. Now has three catches for 58 yards. Jacksonville blitzed and nobody got home.

4:53: Jarrod Wilson is able to lock up Waller in the end zone on third down to prevent a touchdown. Nice physical coverage from the veteran after an awful rep last drive. Oakland kicks the 33-yard field goal to end the drive. 

Raiders 10, Jaguars 3.

4:43: Dede Westbrook drops a wide open slant to start the drive. What a bad season he is having.

3:48: Leonard Fournette with a great block against the blitz but Minshew and Chris Conley can't connect deep on third down. Jaguars will punt.

3:16: Austin Calitro misses a tackle on first down and Josh Jacobs gets a gain of nine. Just looks easy for Jacobs vs. this defense. Calitro is a special teams only player.

2:03: Calais Campbell powers through a stretch block and takes out the running back in the backfield for a -4-yard loss. Nice play by the veteran. 

0:15: Waller is even beating cornerbacks. Gets open vs. Tre Herndon for a 14-yard gain on a dig route. Now up to five catches for 86 yards in only one quarter.

Second Quarter

15:00: Calitro bounces back and sacks Derek Carr on a delayed rush. Leon Jacobs did a good job coming off of the edge to pressure Carr as well.

13:45: Josh Allen and Calais Campbell combine for a huge third down sack. Allen had a terrific bull rush, putting the right tackle on complete skates.

13:00: Minshew misses high to Keelan Cole on second down. Now only one-for-five passing.

12:30: Cam Robinson gets beat inside badly by Maxx Crosby and Minshew gets sacked on third down. Outside of the initial 55-yard bomb, this offense has been horrible.

10:45: Raiders running all over Jacksonville right now. Running for 4.3 yards a clip and getting a first down with ease.

8:34: Raiders getting a few negative plays now with penalties and tackles for loss. Jacksonville defense gaining some breaks.

7:38: One play after missing out on a sack, Yannick Ngakoue beats Kolton Miller with a speed rush and takes down Derek Carr for his seventh sack of the season and forces a Raiders punt.

6:45: Fournette loses four yards after there is no room to run to the left on a stretch play and Fournette tries to cut it back to the backside. Just nothing working for this rushing offense. 

5:55: It wouldn't have gotten a first down, but Chris Conley dropped a third down slant that was almost intercepted. Jacksonville now has 61 net yards despite a 55-yard play on first drive. Minshew hasn't complete a pass since that drive.

5:00: Josh Allen has left the field for the locker room after colliding with Calais Campbell. Looked to be favoring his shoulder. 

4:09: Tre Herndon called for illegal contact and gives Oakland a free first down. Defense struggling this drive.

4:01: Now Akeem Spece gets called for holding on an inside running play. Alrighty then. Oakland past the 15.

2:25: Yannick Ngakoue with a terrific tackle for loss on second down. He is playing very well today, beating blockers with ease with his first step.

2:20: Josh Allen is questionable to return with a stinger injury.

2:06: Raiders forced to kick again. 34-yard field goal makes it a double digit lead for Oakland. 

Raiders 13, Jaguars 3.

1:23: Another third down, another forced punt for Jaguars' offense. Minshew was forced to scramble and threw a tad low across the field on third down in an attempt to move the chains.

0:15: Raiders get into field goal range with chunk runs and then a 20-yard throw to Waller on third down. He is now over 100 yards in only one half.

0:01: Raiders kick a 27-yard field goal to go up by 13 points at the half. Frankly, should be up by more. 

Raiders 16, Jaguars 3.

Third Quarter

15:00: Jacksonville starts the half with a Dede Westbrook sweep that gets six yards.

13:45: Brandon Linder gets tossed by the DT on a trap play and Leonard Fournette loses a yard. 

13:23: Wide receivers once again fail to get open on third down, resulting in an incompletion and yet another punt.

12:30: Jacksonville gets another penalty, this time roughing the passer from Calais Campbell. 15 yards added to what was already a 14-yard gain.

11:32: Darren Waller now matched up with A.J. Bouye, gets six yards on a curl route.

8:55: Jaguars force a punt thanks to a nice Akeem Spence shed and tackle on third down to prevent the first down.

7:52: Leonard Fournette gets 24 yards, but Chris Conley is called for block in the back. Jacksonville can not get anything going. 

6:50: Minshew finds Keelan Cole for 20 yards on a corner route, nice job of staying inside the pocket and getting an accurate ball to Cole.

4:43: Raiders get caught with 12 men on the field on fourth-and-one, giving Jacksonville the first down.

3:30: Nevin Lawson beats a Brandon Linder block to get the tackle on Keelan Cole, and Linder gets called for block in the back also. 

1:10: Minshew delivers a strike to Chris Conley on third-and-11 to get a first down. Nice throw on a curl route.

0:30: Third down and nobody blocks a blitzing Dion Jordan, who gets the easiest sack of his career. Jaguars have to settle for a 43-yard Josh Lambo field goal. 

Raiders 16, Jaguars 6.

Fourth Quarter

14:00: Nice run stuff, Donald Payne. Came downhill and initiated contact. 

12:03: Tre Herndon gets the run stop, flying into the backfield from the perimeter for a 13-yard loss.

11:09: Yannick Ngakoue gets the third down sack, his second of the game. He now has eight sacks this season and has eight career games with multiple sacks.

8:54: Third down and Oakland gets called for offsides. Jacksonville gets a break but offense still struggling to do anything well.

8:10: Fourth-and-1 after a bad Fournette run and Jacksonville goes for it. Fournette falls forward for a yard, just over the first down marker.

7:05: Gardner Minshew makes a good play to pick up 12 by stepping up in the pocket, avoiding pressure and finding Seth DeValve over the middle of the field.

5:15: Chris Conley catches a six-yard touchdown from Gardner Minshew and Jacksonville is in this game. Tight one with a few minutes left.

Raiders 16, Jaguars 13.

3:45: Oakland has ran it four times in a row. Turning to Josh Jacobs to put this game away. 

2:05: Derek Carr keeps the ball on a read option and carries it for 12 yards after Austin Calitro gets stuck on a block.

1:55: Third-and-11 coming up now. Big play in this football game.

1:50: Keelan Doss drops the third down pass after Jacksonville gets a good amount of pressure and Oakland has to kick.

1:48: Oakland misses the field goal but is bailed out after Parry Nickerson runs into the kicker.

1:48: Daniel Carlson misses the re-kick, and Jacksonville will get a chance to tie or win.

0:54: Jacksonville now across the 17-yard line after a 21-yard Conley catch and run.

0:43: Dion Jordan gets a roughing the passer call and Jacksonville is even closer.

0:34: Chris Conley catches the touchdown from four yards out after the Raiders sent a house blitz, and Jacksonville has the lead. 

Jaguars 20, Raiders 17.

0:13: Ronnie Harrison gets called for DPI, a 33-yard gain. Ball now at the 50. 

0:02: Carr throws a hail mary but Tre Herndon knocks it down. One more chance...