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To help fans get a better gauge for what the largest rookie class in franchise history will bring to the table, we are continuing our series in which we take a look at each draft pick and devote a question and answers series to dig deeper into their game.

As the Jacksonville Jaguars set about remaking their defense with the 2020 NFL Draft, they selected Josiah Scott, corner, out of Michigan State in the 4th round, No. 137 overall. The former Spartan will be in Jacksonville soon so we talk with Hondo Carpenter of SI's Michigan State site, Spartan Nation, to get a feel for his game. 

Q: What made Scott a good 4th round pick…or did you expect him to go somewhere else?

Carpenter: He has an amazing work ethic. He can play special teams. He isn’t afraid to get downfield and isn’t afraid to make contact.

Q: What’s your favorite Josiah Scott play that encapsulates what kind of player he is?

Carpenter: 3rd Quarter versus Western Michigan. On the play, he is supposed to stick to the outside of the WR. He has great vision back to the QB, recognizes that it is a play designed to go inside and ducks underneath for the INT. Total read from watching a ton of film.

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*It's the first play on this highlight video 

 Q: The Jags seem to be pinning their future at the corner on CJ Henderson and there’s a veteran presence on the other side. Could Scott put on weight and play safety? Does he have any experience with a different position?

Carpenter: Could he? Yes, but he is an NFL CB. He came to MSU and played as a true frosh at that spot. Give him a year to learn the system, play some nickel and special teams. I fully expect him to start at CB in 2021.

Q: Are there any knocks or concerns with Scott's game?

Carpenter: He is not a trash talker. He leads by example. A great kid, but if you need him to lead vocally that is not his style. Won’t get in any trouble, just not real vocal.

Q: The Jaguars made a clear push for high character guys this draft. What does Scott bring to the locker room?

Carpenter: He cares about people. Once saw him, a star player, helping managers pick up cups guys had thrown on the ground. You want this young man to marry your daughter.

Q: Scott decided to forego his senior year, which means he’s still young. What is his trajectory and ceiling?

Carpenter: Give him a year to learn the system, play some nickel and special teams. I fully expect him to start at CB in 2021.