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Former NFL Agent Projects Trevor Lawrence’s Future Deal Will Be ‘North of $55 Million Per Year’

Quickly establishing himself as a top NFL quarterback, Trevor Lawrence will soon be paid like one as well.
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NFL quarterbacks in 2023 are making a boatload of change.

Millions upon millions of dollars are invested in these athletes, valuable game changers who carry the weight of a franchise on their shoulders. It is the most important position in the league and one that teams pay a great deal to have among their ranks. Just take a look at five of the highest-paid signal callers in the league by annual average according to Spotrac.

  • QB Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens, $52 million AAV
  • QB Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles, $51 million AAV
  • QB Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets, $50.2 million AAV
  • QB Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos, $48.5 million AAV
  • QB Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals, $46.1 million AAV

With Kansas City Chiefs phenom Patrick Mahomes currently in the midst of a ten-year contract worth $503 million, and future contracts for Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert that are expected to crush the top contract on this list, where does Jaguars rising star Trevor Lawrence fall in the mix?

In an interview with 1010XL on 'The Frangie Show', former NFL agent Joel Corry indicated that he expects a potential Trevor Lawrence contract extension to push north of $55 million per year.

“You probably see two deals done before the regular season starts this year in Joe Burrow [Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow] and Justin Herbert [Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert],” Corry said.

“Now, those two deals will likely set the floor for Trevor Lawrence [Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence]. If Trevor Lawrence can build upon what he did last year, we’re probably going to be north of $55 million per year and the overall guarantees will probably be $200 million plus $150 million guaranteed at the time of signing. It would be a four, five-year extension most likely, so you have him under contract for six or seven total years.”

Lawrence took a huge step forward in his development last season, amassing 4,113 passing yards, 25 touchdowns, and eight interceptions while completing 66.3% of his passes in 17 regular season contests.

This sharp improvement of play was the primary factor why Jacksonville emerged as a playoff force in 2022 and looks the part of the odds-on favorite to claim the AFC South a second time this upcoming season.

"Quarterback salaries aren't getting lower, you know, they're getting higher. And rightfully so, because if you play well, you're gonna get paid. I mean, that's just the way our business is," Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson said this offseason. 

"And, you know, Trevor continues on that path that he's on and has a good year this year, you know, it's evident that that's probably, you know, probably coming. But also, you got to look at the whole team, you know, and you got to make decisions based on all of that."