JaguarMaven Week 11 Stock Report: Chark Has a Big Week


It’s Tuesday so you know what that means: we go over which Jacksonville Jaguars stock is up and whose stock is on the decline. After a 33-13 loss to the Indianapolis Colts, you might figure there’s more of those who are on the decline than on the rise, but this week some players did some good - so there are some positive takeaways from a player standpoint. So, let’s get things started.

Stock down: Nick Foles

Foles’ first game back from injury was going to go one of two ways - he was either going to put the team on his back, or he was going to fold. Unfortunately, it was the latter as Foles put up decent numbers but he only led two scoring drives out of 11 total. 

He also looked super out of it and rusty once the game got going, frequently throwing into double coverage, and making mistakes that a guy you pay $88 million dollars just shouldn’t make. Foles’ stock was basically set at dead even and this week he was either going to rise or fall and unfortunately, he fell.

Stock up: DJ Chark

Chark really stood out not only for the Jaguars, but for all of his fantasy owners. He tied his season-high in receptions with eight and tied his season-high in touchdowns as well with two. Chark caught eight passes off of 15 targets, and Foles really relied on Chark as a security blanket in his first game back. Chark is back to leading the AFC in receiving yards and touchdowns following the bye. He also benefited from the Jaguars offense playing from behind for most of the game. He was the biggest part of the Jaguars anemic offense.

Stock down: Myles Jack

Myles Jack, the man the Jaguars extended this offseason, looked confused playing the middle linebacker spot and he has almost all season. He looked off-balanced for most of the game, struggled to wrap up and make tackles, and he took bad angles throughout the contest. Despite leading the team in tackles he still struggled.

The whole Jaguars linebacking core had a rough go this game. It’s been obvious since the start that Najee Goode is not a sufficient starter, and Leon Jacobs struggled in his first game back from injury.

Stock up: Josh Allen

The fact Josh Allen can have such a major impact and only play in 51% of the snaps shows how truly special the Kentucky product is. He managed to get one sack in this contest, but that one sack was significant. He tied the Jaguars rookie sack record with that sack, totaling eight of them. Doug Marrone said in his press conference on Monday that they need to get him involved more, so Yannick Ngakoue must be shaking in his boots about his rookie sack record going down.

Stock down: Leonard Fournette

Fournette was very short with the media following the loss - rightfully so. He only tallied eight carries for 23 yards and added 34 receiving yards. It’s not Fournette’s fault that his stock is dropping but he’s had a rough last two games for the Jags. Hopefully, the Jaguars get him more involved because he’s a huge part of its offense.

Stock up: D.J. Hayden

D.J. Hayden has played lights out for the Jaguars, and he’s also proved to be a leader on the field as well. He’s great in all aspects of the game from coverage, tackling and sacking the quarterback, all three of which were huge parts of his game against the Colts. He was second on the team in tackles with six and he racked up a beautiful sack. Jacoby Brissett managed to escape Hayden’s sack at the beginning but he did a great job sweeping the leg taking Brissett to the ground. Hayden was one of the few Jaguars free agency signings that have hit from 2018, and he’s been a joy to watch. 

What do you think? Which Jaguars do you think are trending up or down? Let us know in the comments below!