JaguarMaven Week 13 Mailbag: What Changes Could Be Coming?

Andrew DiCecco

Each week following a Jacksonville Jaguars game, JaguarMaven will take Jacksonville Jaguars-related questions from our readers across social media and answer them in a question-and-answer format, giving readers a chance to have their voices heard.

You can submit your questions every week by tweeting them to the JaguarMaven twitter handle or our Facebook page.

Question from @ameliawizard: Who do the Jags cut for cap space in 2020 and who do they go after in free agency... and does Calais agree to be a part-time DE and take the appropriate pay cut?

I think Calais will be a casualty to free up some cap space. The Jags have some young talent at the defensive end position – namely Josh Allen and Dawuane Smoot – and moving on from Campbell will allow the money to be allocated elsewhere.

As for a potential free agent additions, I’d look to Chicago linebacker Danny Trevathan and Colts tight end Eric Ebron. Adding a stellar run defender like Trevathan in the middle would solidify the middle of the defense and allow Myles Jack to kick outside, and Ebron would be a welcome boost to what is currently the league’s least efficient tight end room.

Question from @ameliawizard: Is there any chance that Jack gets moved in the off season to weak side? Is Leon Jacobs worth considering as a potential starter at Mike?

I think it is very likely that Jack is moved to the WILL linebacker spot in the offseason. The move will allow him to best use his explosive lateral agility to roam sideline to sideline, keeping him clear of offensive lineman. Jack is an athletic linebacker, and his dynamic skill set is also conducive to tracking running backs out of the backfield.

Question from @jeremiejoyal: Flying down for the game with my son. Going to Disney on Saturday then driving up Sunday for the game. Should I still drive up or just go to Disney again and just watch the game from my phone?

Definitely drive up for the game! If there is a game that classifies as “just what the doctor ordered”, it’s this matchup against Tampa Bay. After a turbulent week of questions and speculation surrounding the team, expect Nick Foles – a player known for rising to the occasion – to take advantage of a porous Buccaneers secondary. Covering Foles during his time in Philadelphia, he always seems to respond to pressure or skeptics with a brilliant showing. Enjoy the game.

Question from @JonByrd71: If Tua falls to mid-teens do Jags draft him?

I highly doubt it, Jon. Aside from the fact that the Jaguars just shelled out a cool $88M to Nick Foles last offseason and saw promising growth from Gardner Minshew, they have too many holes elsewhere on the roster to invest in yet another quarterback.

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