JaguarMaven Week 7 Mailbag: Where Does Jacksonville Go From Here?

Andrew DiCecco

Each week following a Jacksonville Jaguars game, JaguarsMaven will take Jacksonville Jaguars-related questions from our readers across social media and answer them in a question-and-answer format, giving readers a chance to have their voices heard.

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Question from @zach_goodall: Are we scouting CBs yet? If so, who do you like?

I got a bit of an early start scouting this years CB crop. I think my favorite one that I’ve studied thus far has to be Florida’s C.J. Henderson. Henderson fits the mold of the longer, rangy perimeter defenders that the Jaguars tend to covet. At 6-foot-1, 200 pounds, Henderson has the desired frame to thrive as a press-man cornerback at the next level. Very intelligent and instinctual defender that has a realistic shot at staying in Florida to start his professional career.

Question from @E_Dilla: Do you expect the Jaguars to bring in a corner before the deadline if they’re able to win at least 2 of the next 3 games?

Excellent question. I can certainly see the team actively look to bolster the cornerback room, should they manage to win 2 of the next 3 games, but I wouldn’t expect a top tier player at the position. Earlier this week, Marrone was effusive in his praise for Tre Herndon, and seemed adamant to give him every opportunity to hold down the job.

I’d expect a depth player along the lines of an Artie Burns in Pittsburgh, Ken Crawley in New Orleans or perhaps even Josh Norman – though he’s a shell of the lockdown defender he once was.

Question from @BlakeC0: Can we trade Nick Foles to the Rams next?

The Jaguars made a sizeable investment in Foles merely seven months ago. Nick isn’t going anywhere.

Question from @MattCurleeRiser: I feel like front off is more reactionary than proactive. Say what you want about the Rams, but they are making bold moves at 3-3 to be more competitive. Other than Campbell & Dareus 2yrs ago we seem shun making impact moves in season & wait on the draft. Am I missing something?

While there is certainly validity to your opinion, there are many factors that go into executing a trade. For one, it takes two to tango, as they say. The Jags could very well have called teams to ask about certain players availability. Teams may have been reluctant to part with those players – or the asking price may have been a bit too rich. The point is, we don’t truly know.

However, I firmly believe that if the team can stack two wins over the next three games, that they will be buyers around the deadline.

Thanks for the question!

Question from @lemonswithak: Why should I renew my tickets?

Well, this team is headed in the right direction. Not quite sure how the regime will look in near future -- the second half of the season will determine that -- but the pieces are in place for sustained success. They have their quarterback of the present and the future, a top receiver has emerged, Jawaan Taylor continues to improve each week, youthful talent on defense and they have 18 draft picks over the next two seasons. Stay positive and trust the process!

Question from @tspin15: How many Super Bowls will Lincoln Riley and Jalen Hurts win us?

Anything less than 7 would be a disappointment, to be honest.

Question from @aacameron1: Do we really need a full regime change, or can we just drop TC and replace defensive coordinator?

I don’t believe that a full regime change is necessary. Coughlin, who is likely nearing retirement as it is, will likely end up being replaced. To me, it’s essential the team brings in a progressive-minded EVP in order to sustain success.

After four seasons in Jacksonville, it might be best for the Jaguars and defensive coordinator Todd Wash to go their separate ways. For whatever reason, it felt like Wash never has been able to maximize the talent on defense. He struggles scheming around his players’ strengths, and his units often compile untimely penalties – some of which have ultimately cost the team games over the years.

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Zach Goodall
Zach Goodall

Henderson hive lets go!