Jaguars Given 2/1 Odds to Not Win Another Game in 2020

The Jaguars are in the middle of one of the worst losing streaks in franchise history, and one oddsmaker doesn't think there is a big chance of them snapping it anytime soon.
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2020 has been rough for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Specifically, the last 10 weeks of it. 

After knocking off the Indianapolis Colts at home for one of the biggest upsets of Week 1, the young and hungry 2020 Jaguars have found nothing but losses and misfortune at every turn. And while those on the field and sidelines hope that changes over the next six weeks, oddsmakers are still bullish on the 1-9 Jaguars and their chances to find a win.

According to odds released by BetOnline, the Jaguars have been given 2/1 odds (+200) to not win another game this season. The site gave them 1/3 (-300) odds to win another game this year.

The Jaguars currently hold the league's second-worst record, trailing only the 0-10 New York Jets. At 1-9, the Jaguars are the only non-Jets team to have fewer than two wins in the entire league thus far. 

If things continue at this pace, the Jaguars will be set to finish with the worst single-season record in franchise history. The worst record the Jaguars have ever had was a 2-14 season in 2012. They had two different 3-13 seasons in 2014 and 2016, but the Jaguars have never been quite as bad as 1-15. 

The current nine-game losing streak the Jaguars are enduring is one loss away from setting another franchise low. If the Jaguars lose to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, they will have set a franchise record for most consecutive losses in a single season. 

"Yeah, I mean, that’s what we try to do every week. It’s just, like I said before, I think I said it the other week, people can say what they want. But you play to win, you play to win, you put all this work in, you do all this stuff, and you try to win," Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone said on Monday. 

"I think for me personally, I’d much rather do it for the players and the coaches, to be able to win. I mean, that to me is more important than anything for myself. You see them actually putting the work in, you see them, they’re sore, or they’re beat up and they’re going out there and they’re practicing and they’re studying. And the coaches are here late putting together a plan. You know, I’d like to see all this stuff come together for them. Personally, that’s how I look at it.”

Currently, the Jaguars rank 29th in both points scored per game and points allowed per game. They have a difficult schedule the rest of the season as well, with games against the Browns, Titans, Colts, Ravens, and Vikings all on the docket. If something doesn't change quickly, the Jaguars very well could find themselves at 1-15 by season's end.