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Jaguars Midseason Superlatives: Etienne Dominates Halfway Point for Offense

With the Jaguars' season halfway over, here is a look at which offensive players we have deemed as the most impressive thus far.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are finally hitting the bye week. It couldn't have come at a better time for the 3-7 squad, especially considering the second-half of their schedule features games against the Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, and Tennessee Titans twice. 

So with the Jaguars now at the halfway point of their break, we will look at which players have stood out the most on offense and defense, earning superlatives for best player, best assistant and much more.

First up: the offense. 

Offensive Player of the Year: Travis Etienne

Other considerations: Christian Kirk, Trevor Lawrence

While Christian Kirk is on pace for a career season and Trevor Lawrence has rebounded nicely, but the offensive player of the year so far has to go to running back Travis Etienne. Etienne leads the Jaguars in yards from scrimmage at 927 and is 9th in the NFL with 725 rushing yards despite just five starts under his belt. Only five running backs in the NFL with qualifying carries have a better yards per carry figure than Etienne's 5.5. He is 10th in the entire NFL in yards from scrimmage and is just a few more performances away from being the next 1,000-yard rusher in Jaguars history. From big plays to clutch touchdowns, Etienne has done it all and has seemingly gotten better with each carry. 

When the Jaguars needed a big play this year, it has come from Etienne. When the offense lags slow, it is Etienne's spark that has woken them up. That is the definition of offensive player of the season.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Travis Etienne*

Other considerations: Luke Fortner

Travis Etienne isn't technically a rookie, but he is close enough after missing all of his actual rookie season with a foot injury. Etienne himself and the coaching staff have frequently referred to 2022 being his true rookie season, so why not actually count it? Otherwise, you have Luke Fortner who has started all 10 games and has slowly but surely improved as he has gotten more reps and who has largely held up running the offensive line. Other offensive rookies like Snoop Conner and Kendric Pryor haven't gotten much run.

Offensive Comeback Player of the Year: Travis Etienne

Other considerations: James Robinson, Trevor Lawrence

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James Robinson would have drawn some consideration here as well, but ultimately it has to go to Etienne. Normally a Linsfranc injury is a major blow to a running back, especially one whose game relies on explosion and cutting like Etienne. Etienne looked just as explosive as he ever has during the spring and training camp, though, and this has obviously carried over into the regular-season. 

Offensive Assistant Coach of the Year: Phil Rauscher

Other considerations: Running backs coach Bernie Parmalee

Bernie Parmalee is set to have his second different running back hit 1,000 yards in three seasons, so he deserves a lot of praise and respect. With that said, the Jaguars' offensive line is more or less playing the best it has since 2017 outside of a couple of outlier performances against the Chiefs, Eagles and Colts. The Jaguars haven't allowed a sack in five of their 10 game and Trevor Lawrence is tied for seventh in sack %. The line is fifth in adjusted sack-rate and has ultimately had more good games than bad ones, though it is worth noting that Lawrence has had a strong impact on the line. Still, Jawaan Taylor and Cam Robinson are having career years, Tyler Shatley is playing well, Ben Bartch was improving, and Luke Fortner is surviving as a rookie. 

Offensive 12th Man of the Year: Tyler Shatley

Other considerations: Chris Manhertz

After Tyler Shatley entered the 2022 season as a backup behind third-year guard Ben Bartch, the veteran interior lineman has inserted himself back into the starting lineup due to injury. He has started five games at left guard and allowed just five pressures in 222 pass-blocking snaps per PFF, which is quality production from an early-season backup. 

OL of the Year: Brandon Scherff

Other considerations: Jawaan Taylor

This is a tough one. Jawaan Taylor has been the Jaguars' best pass-protector, allowing nine pressures to Brandon Scherff's 13. But in terms of overall play, Brandon Scherff has been the most consistent and balanced player, providing key blocks in the running and screen game that Taylor hasn't. Scherff hasn't been miles better by any stretch, though, and the fact that it is at least a debate says something.

Offensive Play of the year: JaMycal Hasty's 61-yard touchdown vs. Colts

Other considerations: James Robinson's 37-yard touchdown vs. Colts

The Jaguars' offense has been one of the best in the NFL in overall down-to-down success. Where they have failed is in high-leverage moments in the red-zone and on third- and fourth-and-shorts. One of the instances this wasn't the case, though, was JaMycal Hasty's 61-yard touchdown on 4th-and-1 vs. the Colts in Week 6, the longest play of the Jaguars' season thus far.