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Jaguars Training Camp, Day 2: The Good, the Bad and the Great

Who stood out on Day 2 of Jaguars training camp for all the right and wrong reasons?

The Jacksonville Jaguars now have two training camp practices in the books, and we have already seen quite a bit.

You can read here for our full breakdown of the second day of Jaguars training camp, but in this space we are kicking off a new series we will hone in on with each turn of camp: The good, the bad and the great. 

So, what was good about the Jaguars' Tuesday practice? What can be classified as great? And what was downright concerning? We take a look below.

The Good

  • Zay Jones and Christian Kirk each looked the part on Tuesday, and not just on the field. Pads still need to come on, of course, but each veteran receiver addition made some nice grabs in traffic in the short-to-intermediate portions of the field, while also being vocal presences on the sidelines and away from drills. They cheered on their fellow receivers with gusto and showed obvious leadership throughout the day, a sign they have already acclimated themselves into the Jaguars' culture. 
  • Luke Fortner is still getting first-team reps at center. This is good news for the Jaguars because it means each of their first three draft picks are set to play starting roles. Considering a month ago the expectation was only for Travon Walker and Devin Lloyd to start, this is a heck of a sign for the rookie center and the impression he has made on the Jaguars' staff. 
  • Shad Khan got a good look at his team on Tuesday, spending most of practice standing next to general manager Trent Baalke. This is Khan's first look at what camp looks like under Doug Pederson, and he picked a heck of a day to come considering how Trevor Lawrence looked.

The Bad

  • The kicking battle has no clear front-runner right now, but that isn't a good thing. The Jaguars would probably love it if a kicker established himself as a consistent performer and the clear top option on the roster, but neither Ryan Santoso or Andrew Mevis has done that so far. If each was impressing enough that the battle was close, that would be one thing. Instead, each struggled on Tuesday and made the Jaguars' kicker position look like the answer may come from outside Jacksonville. There is time for each to improve, but they need to do it quickly.
  • Kevin Austin Jr. continues to struggle. The undrafted rookie out of Notre Dame was the prized signing of the Jaguars' undrafted free agent group, but he had a rough day on Tuesday after a tough spring. He struggled with drops this spring and this carried over to camp, with Austin having one particularly tough drop during individual drills that made him simply look out of place. He has a ton of physical tools, but he hasn't flashed yet. 
  • The snaps. The Jaguars luckily didn't see any bad snaps from Fortner, but the second-team offense had at least three snaps end up on the ground, which led to some shuffling at center. The bad snaps all came with backup K.C. McDermott, but that isn't any less concerning considering most teams want multiple backups who can snap.

The Great

  • Trevor Lawrence. He was perfect during team drills and 7-on-7, and the only pass he threw during individual drills was a drop by Evan Engram. Lawrence was on the money with every pass and even tested a few different tight windows. Lawrence had maybe the best practice of his Jaguars career on Tuesday. 
  • No drops from the starting receivers or tight ends in team drills. The Jaguars dealt with a couple of drops on Monday, but the team's top receivers brought in every single pass in the competitive drills. After the drop-heavy season in 2021, the Jaguars will need more consistency there in 2022.