Week 3 Power Rankings: Where Do Jaguars Stand After 0-2 Start?

Where do the Jaguars stand into Week 3?
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As the Jacksonville Jaguars take the field this weekend to snap their 17-game losing streak, will they be able to shake off the negativity from last week's loss to the Denver Broncos?

This weekend, they'll have that chance against the 2-0 Arizona Cardinals. But can the Jags get out of the hole they've already dug themselves into?

Here's a look at our weekly NFL power rankings:

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (-)

The Jaguars did nothing to pull themselves out of the last position, scoring just one touchdown on offense and failing to reach the red zone.

31. New York Jets (-)

Zach Wilson's four interceptions Sunday is making it look like the Jets may have made the wrong pick for their franchise quarterback.

30. Detroit Lions (-1)

The Lions are showing signs of tanking by placing linebacker Jamie Collins on the trade block, making their weak defense even weaker.

29. Houston Texans (-1)

The Texans looked strong through six quarters, but losing quarterback Tyrod Taylor to injury is a huge blow. Davis Mills will take the reins for the time being and the Texans need some prayers.

28. Atlanta Falcons (+2)

The Falcons jump two spots for two reasons: the Lions and Texans were worse. Although Atlanta did show signs of life competing against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this past weekend, it's not moving the needle much.

27. New York Giants (-)

The Giants nearly pulled off a win in Washington, and had Dexter Lawrence stayed onsides last week, the Giants could have been a few spots higher on this list.

26. Philadelphia Eagles (-)

The lack of offense in the Eagles' loss to the San Francisco 49ers was a stark difference from its Week 1 win. Week 3 against the Cowboys will be a good sign to see how flukey the offense really is.

25. Cincinnati Bengals (-)

The Bengals fell asleep and woke up in the fourth quarter last week, and the team faces a big divisional matchup against the Steelers this week, where they won't be able to get a wink of sleep.

24. Indianapolis Colts (-6)

Though the Colts narrowly lost to the Rams, losing Carson Wentz to injury puts this team behind the 8-ball without a win to their name.

23. Minnesota Vikings (-)

After two close losses, the Vikings need to flip their fortunes soon, but it's going to be a test this weekend against the Seahawks.

22. New England Patriots (+2)

Four interceptions this weekend against the Jets is a good sign, but they are still behind the Dolphins and a ways behind the Bills in the AFC East.

21. Chicago Bears (+1)

The Justin Fields era kicks off this week. If Fields balls out against the Browns, the Bears will have something cooking in Chicago.

20. Denver Broncos (+1)

Their two wins come against two winless teams, and they'll have a chance to beat another winless team in their home opener against the Jets.

19. Washington Football Team (-)

After narrowly beating the Giants, it doesn't get much easier for the WFT this weekend on the road against the Bills.

18. New Orleans Saints (-5)

Talk about a flash in the pan. After winning by 35 points in Week 1, the Saints responded with a three-score loss to the Panthers, falling a game back in the NFC South.

17. Carolina Panthers (+3)

The win against the Saints was impressive, and now the Panthers can get to 3-0 with a road scrimmage against the Texans.

16. Miami Dolphins (-8)

What's worse? Losing your starting quarterback or losing 35-0?

15. Tennessee Titans (+1)

The Titans heated up in the fourth quarter after nearly seven quarters of offensive ineptitude. Hand the ball off to Derrick Henry and he'll run your team to the playoffs again.

14. Los Angeles Chargers (-2)

The Chargers could be 2-0 if Greg Zuerlein didn't knock down a 56-yard field goal, but the team sits 1-1 against the Chiefs this weekend, which isn't a good spot to be in.

13. Dallas Cowboys (+1)

The Cowboys' defense surprised everyone over the weekend and they showed that they aren't a one-dimensional team this season.

12. Las Vegas Raiders (+5)

A huge road win over the Steelers on a short week shows that this Raiders team isn't one to mess around with. Now, they have a chance to go 3-0 with backup Jacoby Brissett and the Dolphins on deck.

11. San Francisco 49ers (+3)

The undefeated Niners swept their east coast road trip, winning games with their offense and defense. Now, the Packers are coming to Santa Clara on a short week for the home opener.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (-3)

After a big win against the Bills to start the season, losing to the Raiders at home was a big surprise. The team also got banged up over the weekend, which doesn't bode well with 15 games to go.

9. Seattle Seahawks (-1)

The Seahawks were on the road to 2-0 before Derrick Henry took the wheel. Now, they have to find a way to make sure Dalvin Cook doesn't do the same this Sunday.

8. Green Bay Packers (+2)

The Packers bounced back after an embarrassing Week 1 showing thanks to four touchdowns from Aaron Jones. Now, they get another primetime opportunity against the Niners in a 2019 NFC Championship rematch.

7. Arizona Cardinals (+2)

Thanks to a missed field goal from the Vikings, the Cardinals remain unbeaten and have a great chance to stay that way this week as they head to Jacksonville.

6. Baltimore Ravens (+5)

The Ravens came away with the biggest statement win in Week 2 against the Chiefs, becoming the first team to beat Patrick Mahomes in September.

5. Cleveland Browns (-)

The Browns haven't proven why they shouldn't be considered one of the NFL's best, and you're good until proven bad in the NFL.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (-2)

The Chiefs lost a winnable game to the Ravens, but there aren't any major red flags with the two-time defending AFC Champions.

3. Buffalo Bills (+1)

After a surprising Week 1 loss, the Bills took their frustrations out on the Dolphins in a 35-0 shutout. If the Bills can continue this dominance, they should be the AFC favorites.

2. Los Angeles Rams (+1)

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-)

I'll lump these two together as they face off this weekend in LA. The Rams and Bucs are the two best teams in the NFL right now, showing prowess on the offensive side of the ball. If you could only watch two games this weekend, choose Cardinals-Jaguars first, but choose Bucs-Rams second.