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Week 7 Power Rankings: Where Do Jaguars Stand Going Into The Bye Week?

Where do the Jaguars stand after their first win?

With the Jacksonville Jaguars coming off a win heading into the bye, where do they stand compared to the rest of the NFL?

And after a thrilling Monday Night Football win over the Buffalo Bills, where do the rival Tennessee Titans stand?

Here's a look at our weekly NFL power rankings:

32. Detroit Lions (-1)

As the only winless team left in the NFL, this should come as no surprise. And it's very unlikely that changes this weekend as they visit former quarterback Matthew Stafford in Los Angeles.

31. Houston Texans (-1)

The Texans continue to lose, and lose badly. That isn't a recipe for success when you are trying to climb up the power rankings.

30. Miami Dolphins (-4)

The Dolphins lost to a team that had not won their last 20 consecutive games.

29. New York Jets (-)

They have the chance to get their revenge against the Patriots on the road this weekend. Coming off a bye week, that would be huge for quarterback Zach Wilson's confidence.

28. New York Giants (-)

The Giants were taken to the cleaners this weekend by the Rams, but can you blame them? Saquon Barkley, Kenny Golladay and Kadarius Toney were all injured in some capacity for this contest.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars (+5)

This jump might be a bit high, but not only did the Jaguars prove they could win last week, they were able to prove that they could come back in the fourth quarter and come through when it counted most.

26. Atlanta Falcons (+1)

The Falcons did not do anything to jump up one spot, but a winnable game this weekend against the jetlagged Dolphins could push this team to .500.

25. Philadelphia Eagles (-)

The Eagles fought for a comeback last week on Thursday Night Football against the mighty Buccaneers. While this team isn't very good, they at least have tried to put up a fight in all but one game this season.

24. Washington Football Team (-2)

This team is running out of excuses and time, and the schedule doesn't get any easier. A trip to Lambeau is on the horizon for the team this weekend after losing at home to Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

23. New England Patriots (-)

The Patriots play up to their competition, but also have a tendency to play down. If that trend continues, the Jets game this weekend could be a trap.

22. Denver Broncos (-1)

The Broncos have fallen back to earth, dropping three games after winning their first three. They still are a dangerous team that can win any weekend. Maybe a visit to Cleveland against the injured Browns could work this team back to their winning ways.

21. Indianapolis Colts (+3)

After a brutal loss on Monday Night Football to the Ravens, the team was dealt a much-needed confidence boost by thrashing the Texans. Next? Another primetime road affair, this time against the 49ers.

20. Seattle Seahawks (-2)

The outlook is bleak without Russell Wilson, and even though this team kept it competitive against the Steelers, the playoff hopes for this team wane each week.

19. Chicago Bears (-2)

The Bears had the biggest jump in last week's Power Rankings after beating the Raiders on the road, but the team was hit with a dose of reality after facing the Packers this week. Justin Fields needs time to develop.

18. Minnesota Vikings (+2)

The Vikings have been in every game they've played this year, and won three of them. Their losses come against the Browns, undefeated Cardinals on the road, and the Bengals in overtime. In a different reality, this team could have been 6-0 heading into their bye week.

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17. San Francisco 49ers (-1)

The Niners drop a spot on their bye week, moreso as a positive towards other teams than a negative towards them. Even though they have lost three straight, you still get a feeling from this team that they can win on any given Sunday.

16. Carolina Panthers (-1)

Another team that has lost three straight games, but the schedule lightens up here for the Panthers, who face three straight games against teams under .500.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers (-)

The Steelers should have won by multiple scores Sunday, but allowed the Russell Wilson-less Seahawks to take the game to overtime. Considering where this team was last season and at the beginning of this season, this is one wild fall from grace.

14. New Orleans Saints (-1)

I'm still enamored by the Saints' Week 1 victory against the Packers at a neutral site that it has manipulated where they are put today. While the schedule for them looks bleak for the next month or so, there are winnable games in there, including this week on Monday night against the Seahawks.

13. Cincinnati Bengals (+6)

A win against the worst team in the league usually doesn't warrant the highest jump of the week, but this is more of a sign of what they've done all season. The Bengals haven't faced a difficult schedule, but going toe-to-toe against the Packers in Week 5 along with their dominance in Week 6 against the Lions have made me a Burrow believer. If they can find a way to upset the Ravens this week, the Bengals will officially become a contender.

12. Cleveland Browns (-3)

Losing at home sucks, but the reason for the drop is more on the injuries this team has piled up. Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt and Baker Mayfield are all out tonight against the Broncos.

11. Las Vegas Raiders (+1)

The Raiders got back on track with a big divisional road win against the Broncos after the Jon Gruden saga. Winning against adversity gets you major brownie points.

10. Kansas City Chiefs (-)

A win against Washington is a step in the right direction, but it didn't convince me fully that the Chiefs were back. A win on the road against the Titans this weekend will help their cause a lot more.

9. Los Angeles Chargers (-1)

Yes, the loss looked bad. However, I cannot justify them not dropping past the Chiefs and Raiders, both of whom this team has already beaten this year. I'm going to call this loss to the Ravens a fluke and fuel for when they face them in the playoffs.

8. Tennessee Titans (+3)

The win on Monday Night Football against the Bills was a statement win for this team. It erases losing to the Jets for me. Derrick Henry continues to run his way into the MVP conversation. If the Titans win enough games, you can't keep him out of the discussion.

7. Green Bay Packers (-)

Green Bay picked up a win on the road this week, and props should be given. Five straight wins isn't easy no matter who you are. They're one of the teams waiting for the league to simulate to the playoffs at this point.

6. Buffalo Bills (-4)

The higher the climb, the harder the fall. I'm still convinced the Bills can be the best team in the AFC. A close loss on the road to a good Titans team won't change that. After the bye, they'll get back on track with games against the Dolphins, Jaguars, Jets and Colts.

5. Dallas Cowboys (+1)

The Cowboys are legit, and they prove it each week. Beating Bill Belichick in his backyard is no small task, and the Cowboys pulled it off. They're cruising in their division and get a well-deserved bye this week.

4. Los Angeles Rams (-)

The Rams are entering the easiest part of their schedule right now, with no real trouble coming until the Titans come to town for Sunday Night Football in Week 9.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-)

I thought the Bucs would play better against the Eagles, but a win is a win. Playing the Bears at home this week should net the same result.

2. Baltimore Ravens (+3)

The Ravens went head-to-head against a Top 3 or 4 team in the AFC and slaughtered them. The Ravens were clearly the better team Sunday and it set them alone in first place in the AFC. While that game shouldn't define the Chargers, the Ravens continue to prove their doubters wrong each and every week.

1. Arizona Cardinals (-)

How many points will they beat the Texans by this week? That game should not be televised as capital punishment should remain behind closed doors.