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There is no question the primary reason the Jacksonville Jaguars had in mind when they hired former Super Bowl-winning head coach Doug Pederson this offseason. 

Not only did the Jaguars want to see Trevor Lawrence take a leap in year two, but they wanted to see efficient and effective offensive football come back to Jacksonville after far, far too long of an absence. 

So far, Lawrence likes what he sees from Pederson's scheme and the collection of voices inside the team's offensive meeting room.

"It’s been really smooth. I think everybody’s on the same page, which is good. I think the way they built the staff is everyone has a similar [point of view]. Not everyone’s going to think the same," Lawrence said on Monday after the team's seventh OTA practice. "Obviously, you need that diversity to be able to put you in the best position to win, but everyone’s on the same page and you can tell it’s very seamless."

Jacksonville's offensive communication was anything but seamless last year. The Jaguars never had a true identity under former head coach Urban Meyer and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, two coaches with radically different backgrounds, personalities and offensive philosophies.

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The lack of synergy on offense showed throughout last year's training camp and preseason. It all came crashing down in Week 1 as the Jaguars struggled to even line up right vs. the Houston Texans, setting up a disastrous year for the Jaguars from an offensive perspective. 

Now, the Jaguars and Lawrence will hope Pederson and his staff can bring the opposite approach. Pederson is working with a number of coaches he has worked with in the past, such as offensive coordinator Press Taylor, and has other experienced offensive minds on staff in quarterbacks coach Mike McCoy and passing game coordinator Jim Bob Cooter.

"Also too, when people talk, it’s not everyone trying to say their opinion. It’s kind of people pick and choose and I think they do a good job of communicating beforehand so when we get into meetings, they kind of know exactly what they’re all thinking and they’re all on the same page," Lawrence said. 

"Definitely the collaboration, it’s more voices, which is great. Like I said, they just do such a good job communicating. [There’s] not many situations where guys aren’t on the same page and where they’re disagreeing and thinking two different things. Obviously, we have a lot of great conversation of what’s the best idea for that particular situation, but [there’s] a lot of communication which is really good.”

Only time will tell just how impactful and effective Pederson's offense is. But so far, the early returns from TIAA Bank Field are positive as the Jaguars continue to learn the ins and outs of Pederson's scheme and staff. But it is now full speed ahead into the Pederson era, with 2021 far behind Lawrence and the Jaguars. 

“I don’t know honestly. I’m not even thinking about that anymore," Lawrence said. 

"We’ve been, for now a few months, just deep diving into putting this plan together and putting ourselves in the best position to win this year, so I don’t really even think about that or really care anymore at this point. We’re past it.”