Roundtable Discussion: What Does the JaguarReport Staff Think of the Jaguars Hiring Jay Gruden?


The Jacksonville Jaguars concluded its offensive coordinator search on Wednesday, signing former Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden. Gruden spent six years as the head coach of the Redskins, piling up a total win-loss record of 35-49, which included one playoff appearance in 2015. 

2015 was Gruden's only season with a winning record as a head coach at 9-7, and the former Cincinnati offensive coordinator got relieved from his head coaching duties after starting the season 0-5 with Washington in 2019. As a head coach, his offense has a median ranking of 18 during his five full-year stint in the nation’s capital, though his offenses with the Bengals fared much better. 

All the reporters on JaguarReport had a round table discussion to go over our thoughts and feelings about the Gruden hiring and what it could mean moving forward.

John Shipley:

“I think Jay Gruden is a home run hire for Doug Marrone,” Shipley stated. “It is potentially the best hire Marrone has made in his entire tenure as Jaguars’ head coach, in large part because Gruden has experience with both young and veteran quarterbacks.” He added. “As long as his offenses have been healthy, they’ve been productive. I’m assuming Gardner Minshew II starts in 2020, so just looking at Minshew’s fit as a play with Gruden’s schemes it’s a nice hire,” he goes on. “Gruden loves utilizing play-action and pass-catching running backs, something Minshew-led units excelled at in 2019. Marrone can also bounce ideas off Gruden due to his past as a head coach.”

Trevan Pixley:

“The Jay Gruden signing feels like a decent move by the Jacksonville Jaguars,” Pixley said. “It came down who was considered the best available. His offense’s ranked average at best in Washington, which makes the Jaguars front office salivate at the mouth.” 

“However, Gruden has experience working with young quarterbacks, as well as veteran quarterbacks. so hopefully he can develop Minshew into a bigger star for the team and the city.

Laurie Fitzpatrick:

“Jay Gruden has a talent for managing player personnel and utilizing his roster in the most effective way,” Fitzpatrick said. “In 2015 with Washington, injuries took a toll on the team, so he had no other option at the offensive line but to move players around. With adjustments to his interior offensive line, the run game emerged and Gruden was able to win the last four games of the season, taking the NFC East title."

“I believe Jay Gruden is a great addition to the Jaguars staff despite his below-average head coaching record,” she added. “Gruden improved the Bengals in every season as an OC starting and ended his tenure leading the team to an 11-5 record. DeFilippo’s philosophy was built on passing with only Nick Foles, but due to injuries, the scheme was forced into a bigger offensive role with the run game. This fits Gruden as he has experience with a big back in Washington, and he’s able to manage both parts of the Jaguars offense allowing Doug Marrone to focus on his job which is to oversee his coordinators and make sure his players are prepared on game day.

Brandon Eisenman:

“I like the hire of Jay Gruden - he’s an offensive-minded coach and can help Foles and Minshew develop into what the Jaguars need to have a substantial season in 2020,” Eisenman said. “His experience with both young and veteran quarterbacks will transition well into what the coaches are wanting to build,” He added. “The best hire Doug Marrone and company have made during their tenure in Jacksonville.”

Andrew DiCecco:

“Brilliant hire. Gruden is an offensive-minded coach who was at his best commanding the high-flying Bengals offense years ago,” Dicecco explained. “An accomplished quarterback in the Arena League, Gruden is a coach known for getting the most out of his quarterbacks and should be instrumental in Minshew’s development.”

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I just wish that Doug Marrone would quit being noncommittal about the starting quarterback. I think that the Jaguars should trade Nick Foles and focus on the development of Gardner Minshew. Kansas City did this when they traded Alex Smith away so that they could focus on the development of Patrick Mahomes. Look where they are now? I fear that Doug Marrone will drop Nick Foles in as starter again until the Jaguars home crowd yells loud enough that he puts Gardner Minshew back in. Gardner Minshew was playing good enough that he should never have been taken out for three games this last season