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Corey Davis Unretiring, Returning to Jets?

The New York Jets will be looking for upgrades at receiver this offseason. Could recently retired receiver Corey Davis be a part of New York's plans in 2024?

The New York Jets may have to get creative to piece together so much of a supporting cast in a single offseason.

They’ll be sure to prioritize the offense in the NFL Draft and make the requisite signings in free agency. Perhaps they’ll trade for Denver Broncos receiver Courtland Sutton or another pass-catcher of Aaron Rodgers’ liking.

But as they search through junk drawers and linen closets, New York may find itself diving into the possibilities of years past.

New York Jets WR Corey Davis celebrates touchdown catch

Former Jets receiver Corey Davis retired shortly before the 2023 season with an announcement that shocked the football world. He was heading into his age-28 season and was set to see the best quarterback play of his career with Rodgers in town.

“I’ve been searching my heart for what to do and I feel that stepping away from the game is the best path for me at this time,” he wrote.

Of course, Rodgers’ 2023 season lasted less than one drive, sentencing New York to football irrelevancy.

Rodgers’ arrival wasn’t enough to keep Davis on the field. But could his return lure Davis back to the gridiron?

In a mailbag segment, Connor Hughes was asked about the possibility of Davis being an addition to the Jets in the same way Rodgers will be – not exactly an acquisition, but an addition compared to last season.

“The Jets would welcome him back with open arms,” Hughes wrote. “The organization, top on down, loves him. So does Aaron Rodgers. It’s just a matter of if Davis wants to play.

“There would likely have to be some financial adjustments (they’re not giving him his old contract back after sitting out a year), but this is absolutely something the Jets could explore. Ridley is likely atop the Jets free agent board at receiver. I’d take Davis over just about anyone else out there, though.”

Who knows if Davis is in football shape – or even wants to play – but it wouldn’t be too surprising if he at least got a phone call from the team that handed him a three-year, $37.5 million deal.

He cited spending time with his family when he retired last August. That very well could be more than enough to keep him from playing such a physically demanding sport.

But in the event he is interested in returning, he’d likely be a cheaper alternative to some of the veteran receivers on the market. Other moves would have to be made around it – banking on a receiver returning from free agency feels like a Jets storyline waiting to happen – but there’s little denying any legitimate production would be an upgrade over last year’s ancillary weapons.

From there, the only question is whether he improves on the 536-yard, two-touchdown season from 2022 with better quarterback play all but guaranteed.