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'Furious' Jets React to 'Ridiculous' Aaron Rodgers for Vice President Rumor

'Furious' New York Jets React to 'Ridiculous' Aaron Rodgers for Vice President Rumor
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It is a publicity stunt? A wild hair? The rambling dreams of an arrogant person - because, meaning no disrespect to Aaron Rodgers, it really does take an arrogant person to think they should help run the most powerful nation in the history of mankind?

Whatever it is that has pushed Rodgers into the spotlight as a potential White House running mate for presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Rodgers' present employers - that is, before he "goes to work for the people of the United States'' - seem concerned. Bothered, even.

A source, to the Daily Mail: "Lots of the Jets coaches and players want Aaron to commit to the team ... For Aaron to consider helping run the country over playing for the team has many with the Jets all upset because you have to pick one or the other. Aaron can't be campaigning through the week and then play the Dolphins the following weekend. It is ridiculous.


'When Aaron is retired he can do whatever the hell he wants, the Jets aren't paying him not to play, the team has already had to accept and take on his various controversial beliefs and comments and to add a political career to the situation is exactly the distractions the team wants no part of at all.''

It is ironic that Rodgers, the four-time NFL MVP who came to New York a year ago in a controversial blockbuster trade with the Green Bay Packers, would involve himself in being considered as Kennedy’s running mate on an independent ticket for the United States presidency. (Rodgers and former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura are apparently the top choices, with Kennedy planning to announce his selection on March 26.)

Ironic, because Rodgers has vowed to lead the Jets organization away from all "distractions'' ... but instead is the centerpiece of them. (We've steered away from the Sandy Hook-related conspiracy allegations involving the QB ... but yes, if a Jets source is really noting Rodgers' "various controversial beliefs'' as a problem?

It's a problem. is offering a much more gentle take on what the team thinks of all of this, writing, "The Jets currently don’t believe Rodgers will do it, per a source with knowledge of the situation. That said, he hasn’t told them whether he will or won’t.''

That's not very comforting to Jets fans, though the idea of the QB forfeiting his $37.5 million salary in this way does seem unlikely. The Jets - and fans of the team - are therefore well within their rights in hoping that Rodgers is true to his own pledge.

“Anything that doesn’t have anything to do with winning needs to be assessed,” Rodgers said recently. “So anything in this building that we’re doing individually or collectively that has nothing to do with real winning needs to be assessed. . . . It’s not a 'half-the-time' thing, it’s not a sometimes thing, it’s not a most of the time thing, it’s an every time thing. If you want to be a winning organization, and to put yourself in position to win championships and be competitive, everything that you do matters, and the b---s--- that has nothing to do with winning needs to get out of the building. So, that’ll be the focus moving forward.”