Only one New York Jets player made the Pro Football Focus ‘Top 101 Players From The NFL Season.’ The name shouldn’t be a surprise. 

Jamal Adams. 

The undisputed star and best player on the Jets roster, Adams emerged this year as one of the game’s truly elite defensive players. On the 7-9 Jets, he was the team’s only selection to the Pro Bowl. And, not shockingly, he was the only selection here for PFF. 

Calling him “one of the most effective defenders in the game.” PFF notes that not only did Adams line up in three different safety spots, but also as a cornerback and as a pass rusher.  

He was the No. 32 player in the league according to PFF.

“Jamal Adams has become one of the game's most versatile weapons on defense,” PFF writes.  


“In a league that is trending ever more towards matchup problems on offense, Adams is one of a new breed of defender that can solve those problems on defense.” 

The fact that the Jets only had Adams on the list is indicative of the state of the Jets rebuild. Given that the NFL has 32 teams, the Jets would ideally have two or three players on the list to hold average. 

The overall talent deficiency should improve over time. The Jets figure to add a couple big names in free agency and also hold the No. 11 pick in the NFL Draft this spring. But it is clear with only one name on the list – well below what the average would indicate – that the Jets need to get aggressive in adding star power to their roster. 

The New England Patriots, who won the AFC East, had four players on the PFF list. No other team in the division had an inclusion on the list (although Minkah Fitzpatrick, who began the year with the Miami Dolphins, ended the season with the Pittsburgh Steelers). 

On the year, Adams had 61 tackles, 6.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, an interception and seven passes defended. It was a tremendous year for him and one that could well see him become the highest-paid safety in the NFL. 

“As a pass-rusher, he racked up 25 total pressures from 101 rushing snaps, by far the most pressure and the second-most rushing snaps of any safety,” PFF said. 

Former Jets linebacker Demario Davis checked in at No. 21 on the list.