Jamal Adams Was Right With His Tweet: The New York Jets Owe Him Everything

Kristian Dyer

Jamal Adams is right. No one owes him anything least of all the New York Jets. 

In fact, this offseason, the Jets might just owe him a huge payday. 

On Thursday, the Jets Pro Bowl safety cryptically tweeted about what is perceived to be a statement about his contract. Adams is in the fourth year of his rookie contract, which is up after the 2021 season. As such, this might be the offseason where Adams could potentially get an extension from the Jets, circumventing a holdout situation. 

So Adams’ tweet on Thursday, while not specifying the situation, looks and feels like a statement about his worth. It also indicates that the former first round pick wants and expects to be paid by the team, not an irrational statement. 

The Jets must decide the value of Adams as their rebuild continues. It is a rebuild that should have Adams at its center. He in turn, doesn't owe them a hometown discount.

In three years with the Jets, last year's 7-9 record was the best of his tenure, to date. During that stretch, he has twice been named to the Pro Bowl. He's a star and has backed it up on and off the field.

Pay the man.

Sure, it would be nice Don’t get it twisted: Adams is worth becoming the league’s top-paid safety this offseason and the Jets shouldn’t mess around on this one. Not only is he their best player (Adams was the only Pro Bowl selection on the Jets this past season) but he is the voice of the team to the fanbase. When he speaks, the fans listen. His words resonate with the fans in a special way.  

For a team that hasn’t made the  playoffs since the 2010 season, where a championship hasn’t been won since Super Bowl III, the impact of Adams in rallying the fanbase can’t be overstated.  

He is a star who is not afraid of the spotlight but also backs it up on the field. He’s a true star, the one player currently on the roster that can actually bring fans to the game and get excited. 

The Bears Eddie Jackson (five years, $58.4 million) is the top paid safety in the league. Landon Collins, with $44 million in guaranteed money from Washington, leads the NFL in guaranteed compensation at the position. 

And Adams is every bit worth the money doled out to Jackson and Collins, given both his production with the Jets and his star quality in New York. 

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So the title of the story contradicts the first sentence. Do the Jets owe him everything or nothing?