Leonard Williams on Jets Win: 'Good For Them' but 'I'm Not Part of Them'

Kristian Dyer

Perhaps the circumstances make it a bit unusual for Leonard Williams, but the New York Giants defensive lineman just can’t shake questions about his old team. The one that traded him three weeks ago no less. 

It is to be expected, however, and really fair game given that Williams was traded across town. 

The fact that the Giants traded in-market with the New York Jets to acquire the rangy defensive end is what is likely fueling the near-constant questions that Williams is facing about his old team. A former first round pick of the Jets, Williams was asked again on Monday his thoughts about the Jets, who rather emphatically beat Washington 34-17 on Sunday. 

Given that it was a bye week for the Giants, it seemed the perfect time to ask Williams if he saw the Jets win to improve to 3-7 on the year. A fair question, especially since Williams was once-hyped as a star in the making for the Jets. 

“The Jets? Yeah, I watched them,” Williams said on Monday. “I tried to watch a bunch of the games yesterday.” 

Then it became clear when Williams was asked his impressions on the Jets, who won consecutive games for the first time since Week 6 last year, that he didn’t want to dwell on his old team. It was a bit odd for the Jets to trade Williams across town to their rival, even if the two teams play in different conferences, there is still a bit of animosity between the organizations that share the same market and stadium. 

“I mean, that’s good for them. I mean, that’s good for every team that won yesterday,” Williams said.  

“I’m not a part of them, just like any other team that played yesterday. I’m part of the Giants now and focused on what we have to do.”