Le'Veon Bell on NFL's Drug Testing: 'They're Not Getting Any More Blood'

Kristian Dyer

Le’Veon Bell doubled down on his tweets from earlier on Wednesday, the New York Jets star running back sounding like he is prepared to stand up to the league on random drug testing, even if it would mean a suspension.  

Following his fifth random drug test for HGH, Bell lashed out via social media at the NFL on Wednesday morning. Bell issued a tweet, questioning the randomness of this policy and blatantly saying he was going to refuse to take another drug test this year. 

Several subsequent tweets followed where he interacted with questions on the NFL’s policy and feelings of being targeted. All points reiterated that Bell wasn’t going to be shaken and underscored the notion that he was being targeted. 

Following practice on Wednesday, he had the opportunity to further his talking point. 

“Is it random though?” Bell said when asked by reporters on Wednesday about the league’s policy. “I feel like every time I hear that there is HGH I get hit.” 

Twice before in his career, Bell has been hit with suspensions related to drug tested. In 2016, he was levied a three-game suspension by the NFL for failing to attend any drug tests. 

He wouldn’t go so far as to say that the league is signaling him out – but he didn’t exactly quiet that line either. 

“I don’t know, I’m not going to say all that. I’m just saying, I’m not going to do any more,” Bell said. “They’re not getting any more blood.” 

As for the possibility of another suspension from the NFL should he decline further testing, Bell said “if we have to cross that bridge, we cross that bridge.” 

A free agent signing this offseason, Bell has 508 rushing yards on 3.2 yards per rushing attempt and three touchdowns on this year. Not exactly numbers that scream performance-enhancing supplements or foul play.