Offensive Line? Wide Receiver? Marc Ross Says Jets Should Take Best Player In NFL Draft

Kristian Dyer

Two years ago, the New York Jets took their future with the selection of Sam Darnold, even moving up in the NFL Draft for the pick to take their franchise quarterback. Now in 2020, this NFL Draft is about securing their future around Darnold…or maybe not. 

According to conventional wisdom, this draft, clearly, is about adding pieces to maximize Darnold. 

Not so says former NFL executive Marc Ross. Ross spent 10 years as vice president of player evaluation for the New York Giants as well as time in the scouting and personnel departments for both the Philadelphia Eagles and the Buffalo Bills. 

Ross says that the Jets, who are picking at No. 11 in April’s NFL Draft, need not be held up with the mentality of drafting a wide receiver or an offensive lineman just because they need pieces around Darnold. He says that this first draft under general manager Joe Douglas needs to be about getting better and that doesn’t happen with drafting for need. 

“At 11, you try to get someone who is a difference maker, a playmaker or a difference maker and don’t get pigeonholed into ‘We have to have a receiver, we have to have an o-lineman’ and bypass someone that is of a better value and a better quality who has a chance to be a better player and try to draft just for a certain position,” Ross said. 

“I think so, I think there are some deficiencies along the offensive line, at the receiver position…sad to say running back they need some better production there. Quinnen Williams has been a bit of a disappointment so pass rush is a need as well.” 

After being hired last summer after the Jets had concluded much of free agency and the NFL Draft, Douglas wades into this offseason with a decent amount of space under the salary cap and a relatively high draft pick. The general manager should be able to get the Jets better in terms of personnel. 

The Jets do need to address the offensive line and likely will need to add a playmaker wide receiver, especially if Robby Anderson leaves via free agency. 

The Jets are likely a little ways away from completing their rebuild, Ross said, but this draft can help them get there if Douglas is able to add some impact pieces. 

“The onus is on him right now to get things turned around,” Ross said about Douglas. 

“New Yorkers aren’t going to have much patience, the product better be shown quickly next year. 

“Take the best player – pick a Pro Bowler. That’s the advice.”