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Ex Jets’ Boomer Esiason Shares Taylor Swift Super Bowl Conspiracy

Taylor Swift is supposed to be at the Super Bowl on Feb. 11, but former New York Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason thinks someone else may be paying for her trip.

Sunday’s Super Bowl festivities will be broadcast on CBS, meaning that former New York Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason’s crew will be airing its pregame show “THE NFL TODAY.”

Esiason’s Super Bowl commentary hit the airwaves well before kickoff, though, when the former pro spoke about pop star Taylor Swift’s flight to the big game.

On his radio show, “Boomer and Gio,” Esiason wagered that the NFL would end up paying for the jet and suite Swift would be occupying.

Pop star Taylor Swift at Chiefs' game

Swift is currently in Japan for “The Eras Tour,” meaning she’ll have to travel over 5,500 miles to Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, where her boyfriend – tight end Travis Kelce – and the Kansas City Chiefs will take on the San Francisco 49ers.

Someone has to be billed for the private jet and the million-dollar suite.

“Because of all these stories coming out that she has raised the level of the NFL,” Esiason said. “The NFL is going to be here after she’s done it was here before she got started … You gotta know that her people are in touch with the NFL.

“And her people are probably saying, ‘If you want her at the game, you gotta pay for the jet coming back from Tokyo – and she needs her own suite.’”

Swift has been a marked boost to the league’s popularity, spiking ratings for games in which she attends. The incentive for her is clear: going to the game means supporting her boyfriend in one of the biggest games of his career. But that doesn’t mean her camp won’t pressure the league into picking up the tab.

“This is all about business,” Esiason said. “How many times are we, CBS, going to show her? And are we going to show an arrival shot?”

Esiason postulated that the NFL can make a deal with Swift while paying for the plane. CBS will undoubtedly show her on camera a few times, especially if Kelce scores, but getting easy-to-promote clips like her arriving at the stadium could be arranged.

“What’s interesting is if the NFL does pay for all of this stuff, you know, it could be like OK, we’ll take care of all of that but we want to be able to shoot you as you get to the stadium,” he continued.

As expensive as her private plane and potential suite would be, the biggest pop star on the planet probably doesn’t have to worry about her check bouncing. There’s a price to pay to see Kelce perform, but it would be surprising to not see Swift at the Super Bowl, regardless of who’s getting charged.