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Former New York Jets Star Le'Veon Bell Isn't Being Misued with the Kansas City Chiefs

With the Kansas City Chiefs, Le'Veon Bell is in an intelligent offense suited for his skillset.

With the Kansas City Chiefs, Le’Veon Bell is finally in a place where he can be fully utilized. That perfect fit for him wasn’t with the New York Jets.

Whether due to the personnel around him or due to scheme, the Jets never got the most out of Bell, a two-time All-Pro running back signed in free agency prior to the 2019 season. When he was cut two weeks ago by the Jets, it was a relief given how bizarrely he was incorporated into the offense in New York.

Last week in his Chiefs debut, a 43-16 win over the Denver Broncos, Bell had six carries for 39 yards. He was in only on 17 snaps, just a third of the Chiefs plays.

But given his lack of familiarity with the playbook, it was a positive sign that Bell still can physically be a special player in the NFL.

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“I think the offense fits him,” Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said.

“I mean, you can see his talents and what he does best shows up in this offense. He could see it before he got here and then he had the chance to show it here the other day. I think that for a player, that’s a positive things. I don’t know how he felt going to New York, I don’t know that. I think with ours, he can see it. We can put him to work. I think that’s what he wanted, he wants to play. I think he and Clyde are a good combination right there and he’s a good person.”

Signed to a four-year contract with the Jets worth $52.5 million with $27 million in guarantees, Bell had the roughest two years of his NFL career with the Jets. It was hardly his fault, given the lack of an offensive line last year and the almost maniacal obsession with misusing him in the offense.

His yards per rush, yards per game and rushing attempts per game were all well below his previous five seasons of output with the Pittsburgh Steelers.